Be Something You Love And Understand

Bonnie Johnson's PostAbout four years ago I heard the song “Simple Man” by Shinedown and it really spoke to me.  I know that Lynard Skynard was first to do this song but I really liked the way that Shinedown sang it…and with so much soul.  I love the words and I told my son, James, who was a teenager at the time that I wanted him to listen carefully to the lyrics because those words were exactly what I wished for him.  It really is quite simple.  Be something you love and understand.  The rest will fall into place then.

Fast forward three years, James is home from school visiting and playing his guitar.  He has been practicing a special song that he wants me to hear.  I almost cried when he started singing “Simple Man” with as much soul as Shinedown.  Now, another year later he is home for a short visit again (he leaves for Tampa tomorrow : (  …after only one week…sigh) and just finished playing his repertoire of old and new favourites.  He finished his session with the one he knows means a great deal to me…Simple Man.  I wanted to share it with you but he refused to let me video him so I’ll have to sneak the camera on him another day I can only offer you this “simple” video of Shinedown singing with the words scrolling.  I think it’s fitting.  I have also added a picture of James playing just a few days ago.  If you squint your eyes you may be able to imagine him performing it.  Enjoy!

james guitar



  • Tracy Westerholm

    Wow I love this most of all for the message that you pin pointed to give to James, it is so true and you! He picked you to be his Mom and he couldn’t have made a better choice with the wealth of knowledge and spirit he has acquired having met you ! I have to admit though I was really hoping he let you video him singing this song, now that would have needed a BOX of Kleenex for me. I like James version of the song the Best !! Please please please let your Mom at some point video your rendition James! I would be forever grateful ! Love you both with all my heart ! xoxo

  • jacquie

    As long as you do it with soul, you can make your life work. Simple is often best. The sound wouldn’t work for me on this laptop but the words were simply beautiful. Another great message…
    Thanks Bonnie!

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