Are You Looking At Me?

I’m obsessed; obsessed with watching geckos.  In my defence, they are everywhere.  It’s kind of hard to miss them or ignore them.  I am absolutely taken with them.  They’re a bit of a mystery to me.  What do they eat? How do you tell a girl gecko from a boy gecko? And what are they afraid of; who eats geckos? I can’t find enough real solid information when I Google them either which in itself fascinates me.  I think this is the first time Google has ever let me down.  I thought for sure there would have been buckets of information, if not written by Herpetologists (reptile scientists – honest, I Googled it), then at least by one of those creepy guys that keeps reptiles in glass tanks in his bedroom. (If you have a reptile in a glass tank in your bedroom I’m sorry if I’ve offended you but…ew!)

Since the last time we were here in Florida, the geckos have grown. A. Lot.  And they didn’t have red throats that puff out and big strips down their backs before but boy they sure do now.  It’s a little intimidating, which I bet is the point.

So I’m lying in Jurassic Park the backyard, basking in the sun and about to drift off when I sense someone or something watching me.  I can’t see anyone at first but then I spot him.  A gecko. And he’s not the cute English fellow that knows a lot about insurance.

He’s about a foot away from my chaise lounge near the grass.  He’s not moving but he is definitely eying me up and down.  “What?” I ask him.  He doesn’t respond or move.  “Look, I don’t have time for this,” I tell him, “I’m about to take a nap, so go stare at somebody else.”   Then he had the nerve to take a few steps towards me.  “Are you kidding me?” I yell. “Go away!” and I wave my book at him to show I mean business.  He retreats and I settle back into my chaise lounge again.  I close my eyes but I can’t relax.  I just know he is still watching me. When I open my eyes again I can hardly believe it. He has moved towards me again and is almost right under the chaise.  Now I’m up on my hands and knees flapping my book in front of me and squealing that he had better leave or else. That’s when John, who was snoozing in the chaise beside me, half opened one eye and shook his head at me before drifting off again. Hey, I’ve watched enough “America’s Funniest Videos” and witnessed geckos just like this one hanging off of children’s noses and fingers to know that these little guys are not to be messed with. Somewhere in those tiny mouths are teeth; teeth that will latch onto a finger or nose and not let go.

A nap was now out of the question so instead I went inside and grabbed my camera.  When I came back I saw what he was so interested in…another gecko.  I took this video of the two of them.  They were either two males fighting for territory or a male and a female doing some kind of seductive dance.  I can’t tell because there is not enough information about them on Google! C’mon Herpetologists, share the knowledge online.

Scary right? I’m keeping one eye open from now on.  And if anyone finds any good gecko info please pass it along to me.  Thanks!  Knowledge is power.


  • Tracy Westerholm

    Thanks for the giggle Bon! That’s not a Gecko thats a lizard! They were HUGE compared to the little cute Geckos I used to watch play on my bedroom wall in Spain when I was 10! If they fought and one caught the other by the tail, the tip of their tail would drop off. You could see the ones who had fought easily hence the missing tail so you knew they were possibly the weaker or slower of the the pairing the next night! They didn’t bother me because they ate the mosquitoes which had a piercing buzzzzzz in my ear every night.

    I laughed when I heard you in the video say “he’s going to attack us now!” Attack of the Killer Gecko! haha!

    I wouldn’t fall asleep in your back yard, not because of the little Gecko but because of a Crock or Alligator that might come sauntering through!

    I was totally jealous of you even suggesting you were about to take a nap in your chaise lounge in the sun! I’m going for a stray tan next Thursday, I’ll let you know how the experience is…stripping down in front of an 18 year old hottie, doing the running position so they get all the cracks and crevasses with a shower cap on, then standing naked in a room for 15 minutes while I ‘dry’ off and look around the room for the hidden camera! I might take pictures for a post…’might’.

    Skype in 3 hours!!!!

  • Melissa Brown

    OMG Bonnie, when I was reading that I was thinking of the little ones we have everywhere in Bali but those are huge. I would totally be intimidated. I don’t think that I could relax at all. By the way, beautiful flowers in the video….Melisssa

  • lozz

    The Indo-Pacific gecko or Hemidactylus garnotii is replacing the Mediterranean Gecko in many parts of south Florida. Both species are usually found near humans especially snowbirding Canadians. They are commonly around buildings with lights and nice backyard pools, especially in suburban Tampa.

    Indo-Pacific geckos are nocturnal, emerging at night to wait near walkway and wall lights just looking for unsuspectng Canadians , where they feed on insects attracted to the lights and Labatts. Unlike other lizards, these geckos vocalize, making squeaking or barking noises as they fight about territory and theTampa Bay Lightening vs Florida Panthers game.

    This gecko is unisexual, reproducing by parthenogenesis – a process in which eggs grow and hatch without fertilization.

    • Bonnie Johnson

      You are hilarious Lorellei! I didn’t know you also have a Herpetologist hat you wear sometimes.

      I haven’t heard them bark or chirp yet but I will keep my ears open for that! I had decided the cute smaller ones were females and the larger darker ones were male but I guess they are all one and the same. Darn.

      Go Canucks!…then Tampa Lightening!

  • jacquie

    There were geckos in the video? I couldn’t take my eyes off the pretty flowers in the patio floor! What were they? Can you google that for me, Bon?

    Oh, to be somewhere and have lyrically beautiful flowers all year round! Lucky girl…

  • Bonnie Johnson

    The flowers are Bougainvillea and they are normally against the fence in our yard but the tornado knocked them down…John is re-attaching them to the fence as I write this. He will be covered in scratches because although they are beautiful the bush is covered in serious thorns.
    They come in a variety of colours and we have about 6 separate bushes of them in our back yard. 🙂

  • Chris

    I’m with the other girls. Those are NOT geckos ! They are lizards. Beware ! 🙂 As Tracey says, I would not be falling asleep by the pool with those things lurking in your bougainvillea.
    BTW…. -2 here this morning, just in case you feel sorry for us…

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