Alive With The Sound of Music

Bonnie Johnson's Post“Some kinds of music dissipate in seconds. Other kinds remain a lifetime. Stored in the limbs, in the brain. Or even the heart.”
— Derrick De Kerckhove

Author Candice Pert (a neuroscientist featured in the film What the Bleep?) says that we feel this way because we’re “hardwired for bliss and feeling good.”

In her book Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d, Candace explains that the vibrational frequency of the musical notes sends messages to our body’s receptors and sets in motion all kinds of cellular activity. “That’s how music can heal, interacting directly with your molecules of emotion to charge you with energy, get your juices flowing, and make you feel good,” she says.

“We don’t just hear with our ears, but we “hear” with every receptor on every cell in our body. We’re literally alive with the sound of music!”

But going even one step further, Candace says that when we reach this state of healing bliss, we are making a connection with something much deeper. That’s because Candace believes that “feeling good and feeling God are one and the same.”

I love that description.  It’s true for me when I listen to a great song that fills me with energy and motivates me to move.  One of my favourite memories of my son as a little boy is the evening I took him along with me to visit some friends.  James would have been about 4 years old.  Our hosts had their stereo playing random songs from a few CD’s one of which was the Gypsy Kings.  James played quietly on the living room floor with some toys he’d brought from home but every time a Gypsy Kings song started to play he’d get up and start to dance.  He couldn’t help himself.  He’d start off swaying gently to the music but as the beat quickened he had to get up and move with it. You could actually see the music get into his little body and he could not sit still. He only did it with a Gypsy Kings song. It was very entertaining for the rest of us to watch!  It’s not surprising then that he plays the guitar himself now.

This one’s for you James!



  • jacquie

    Great story! You just can’t help yourself when a great song comes on and the beat gets under your skin, literally, so it seems.

    Just as we all see art differently, we all feel music in unique ways. Must be something to do with our genetic make up. Interesting.

  • Tracy Westerholm

    HUGE GYPSY KINGS FAN !! Memories of living in Spain at 11 years old I think! I sit hear reading your post to Scott and he got up and did a dance for me! I am not sure if he was imitating James cause he loves to do that from WAYYYY back or if he just felt the music, combination of both I think. I totally agree with this Bon, I love music and it dictates how my run will go! I can run forever (well not really forever) if I have great music playing! Thanks for that musical interlude before I step out the door to run my arse off ! Gotta be ripped by May lol tee hee !

  • Rick

    ” Feeling Good and Feeling God are one in the same ” What a Great Quote !
    I’ll remember you when I think of this Quote !
    Thank – You Bonnie !

    I think of you every time I hear ” I got a feeling…. It’s gonna be a good good DAY ! “

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