Zack the Little Black Dog~ 1994-2010

Zack as a puppyOver 16 years ago I called Scott at work because I saw an ad in the newspaper that said Border Collie Lab X puppy. I felt like a child asking “can we get one, can we get one!”  Scott couldn’t resist because deep inside he really wanted a puppy too. We drove out to a farm 40 minutes from our house in the dark. The puppy was the last one left, on sale for only $75.00! What a deal! He had been sent to sleep with the cows! He even smelled like a cow. His Mom was a working Border Collie on the farm, his Dad was the Chocolate Lab from next door! I loved him already! When the owner put him up on the deep freeze for us to see, he wouldn’t even look at us. I don’t know how many times he had been through this process but I am glad he was left for us, it was meant to be. The best 75 bucks I’ve ever spent!

I fell in love as soon as our eyes met. He was mine. When we got him home he hid under the kitchen table. His Border Collie instinct kicked in as soon as we went for our first walk, trying all the way to heard us as he trotted sideways.

My  Mom is getting married...Zack spent every waking moment with us. He was the smartest, fastest, most well mannered dog I have ever met. He knew he was loved and trusted us with his life. He protected us and we took care of him. The perfect union! If he stepped on a prickle he would simply look at me and lifted his paw, we understood each other. He saved my son Jesse and I from a Black Bear when Jess was only 16 months old. Zack jumped right over top of us to the Bear we never saw coming, and chased it into the bush so we could run away. He was courageous! When I went into the grocery store he waited patiently outside, never tied up, and sat where he could see if I came out the other door. I could give him hand commands from inside through the window and he would lie down when I asked him to.

Jordan always shared her pink "B"Zack was our best friend for over 16 1/2 years which is why I write this with overwhelming sadness. With compassion and love we made the decision to put his body to rest so his spirit could be set free. We will love and miss him forever! His spirit was kind and fit into our family perfectly!

It will never be possible to replace Zack and some friends said it might be a good idea to get another breed to avoid comparing to Zack, but a Border Collie Lab X is the best breed in my eyes so when I saw an ad in the local paper I knew I had to love another. Lulu, a female this time got to meet Zack which I am grateful for.

After we got home from the Vet I spent a few moments alone behind closed doors thinking of the last 16 years of love Zack brought me. I looked out the window to a grey sky and just as I said goodbye for the last time to my old friend the sun broke through the clouds and shone brilliantly into my tear filled eyes. At that moment I knew Zack was letting me know he made it to where he needed to be.

If you cross my path in the next little while please don’t mention Zack, it will take awhile before I can talk about him without tears. If I don’t look quite myself, you will understand why. Thanks everyone for letting me share my little black dog tribute with you! Deep Breath!

Thank you to the wonderful Ladies at Paws and Claws for their support and love that made this difficult time a little easier. Your compassion and thoughtfulness was so appreciated by all of us. xo

Tracy signiture


9 thoughts on “Zack the Little Black Dog~ 1994-2010

    • Thank you Alison, the first couple of days are heart breaking, 16 and a half years is a long time to have a companion at your side. He truly didn’t ever cause us any grief. Lulu our puppy is a blessing for all of us, she is a daily reminder of him in looks and that has made it much easier. My eyes are starting to deflate and my heart is lighter today! 🙂 xo Animals are a gift!

  1. What a wonderful tribute to Zack, Tracy. Sorry to hear this. We lost our 11 year old colllie husky cross almost two years ago and I still think of her most days but as you say your heart will get a little lighter as days go on. I am sure having Lulu will be a blessing for your family

  2. Zack was a remarkable dog and he will be greatly missed. I imagine him bounding happily beside Spot now.
    We are so lucky to have these animals in our lives if only for a short time.
    Big hugs to Zack’s family! Yay Lulu for helping to lift your spirits.

  3. I’ve never been a dog person but every now and again I meet one who makes me see what all the fuss is about! Zack was one of those dogs who was clearly a well respected member of the family. If he could have physical sat in a chair I can imagine him using a napkin and cutlery. Very polite pooch. Beautiful eyes. It’s all part of the circle of life to have to say good-bye at some point but it’s still hard.
    You’ll be missed, Zack. You were a great master, Tracy. He loved you back in spades. We all do!

    • Thank you Everyone for your wonderful words, Jacquie we always said Zack looked like he had his ‘good cloths’ on, he only needed a bow tie to match his tuxedo!
      I know Zack is probably running with Spot talking about the stupid birthday hats we made them wear for the Birthday Party on the Wharf! lol xoxo

  4. Zack will always be in your hearts, Lulu will grow in your hearts too and be as well trained as Zack because you love her. I’m sure Lulu misses him also even for the short time she spend with him.xo

    • I think we agree he was the Best Dog either of us has ever met! I miss him too! 🙂 But he is pain free swirling energy, thankful we gave him back! xo
      With lots of time Lulu will be just as loved as Zack was, if she would just take off the shark suit and snapping turtle costume! lol

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