Drive Through Dilemma ~

I have noticed lately that I am becoming a drive through human being. It’s the last thing I need in my life, trust me. I barely get out of the house as it is being obsessed with writing. I used to stand outside my kids school at drop off and pick up but as you know if you’re a parent, that soon becomes unwanted by their growing independence and our growing un-coolness. I now sit in a line up waiting for them to come out. It’s becoming a pattern I am not really a fan of.

My drive through list is growing, it’s convenient to get coffee and do banking but I wonder whats next? Do we really not have time to get out of our vehicles or house to get what we need? Has time become that valuable that we are willing to give up human interaction to add a few extra moments to our day? Not to mention pounds on our booty! I do get out when I meet up with girlfriends, run or make time for someone special but that’s about it! We rent movies from the comfort of our own home, grab a burger on the fly, get cash, meet a cop, accept deliveries from the ‘Ups’ man, all without leaving our vehicle or home. Is getting out becoming a bother? I fear becoming more of a hermit than I already am, is it just me or does anyone else feel this way?

Even flirting πŸ™‚ has become drive through. I was in the school line up when this big handsome dude started to talk to me from his car window. We drive past one another throughout our day and we found ourselves in grid-lock facing each other. The conversation was funny, it was like a drive through get to know each other! It made me laugh afterwards when I thought of him asking me if I were married from the comfort of his own vehicle! It was a great flirt but in person standing next to each other would have been so much better.

Whats happened to the days where human being gathered to socialize? Our circle is directly related to our kids sports or rushing from one location to the next! No one lolly-gags anymore, there is no time set aside for it. I think we need more social meeting places for those who just want to have great conversation, in person.

Whats next?…“I’ll have a tall double double, pastrami & swiss, 20 bucks, a litre of 2%, two kids who get along, a big handsome dude, and an orgasm to go please! Not necessarily in that order! And make it quick I have to go for a drive with the dog!”

I’m just saying…


19 thoughts on “Drive Through Dilemma ~

  1. Where do I find that drive through orgasm???

    I love my drive through cold beer and wine store but is it sad that they get my choice of wine before I even have to ask for it?

    Drive through is a choice…not a necessity. Just sayin…


    • It was ORGANISM not ORGASM silly! We all know where your minds at! lol kidding! There is this really great place in…hee hee

      Yes, drive through is a choice, for the most part but not always. And yes it is also a convenience I guess my point is…oh god I am not sure if I have one and I have to fly now, get the kids to school and go grab a java to wake myself up because again I had no sleep! By choice! ha

      But thanks for pointing that out! giggle xoxo

  2. I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting a drive-thru liquor store yet, but I have certainly used a drive-thru bank, Starbucks, fast food joint and drycleaners. Guilty.

    I’m looking forward to the day when I can give up my car altogether and walk everywhere I need to be…oh wait, that’s called an Old Folks Home!


  3. You three are hilarious ! I am sitting in my office, being a government worker doing what we do best — looking out the window ! (not wanting to be at work) And then I read Tracy’s post. ( I want one of those drive thru’s in Vernon – not the cold wine store) Gave me a good chuckle. Thanks ladies ! Keep the great posts comin’.
    Back to looking out the window (ha, ha)

  4. I’m not sure if I would like to find a job and get paid for looking out the window or find a window to drive through for an organism. Thanks for the morning chuckle.xo

  5. … thank you for the smiles… they tend to occur naturally when I read your adventures & thoughts (every day)… I look forward to each visit.

  6. There’s this cafe in the centre of Utrecht where I go to sit, have a little dutch coffee, think and people watch.

    I ride my old bike there and park it up against the steel railing beside the canal. No car; no drive through.

    Just me and my thoughts. My slow fun complicated thoughts.

    Oh, and no flirting…

    • That sounds so perfectly European!

      You could do that here, grab an espresso, park yourself at the beach, look out at the ocean, just you and your slow fun complicated thoughts!

      The only thing missing is a great flirt! πŸ™‚

    • You’re right Scott, it does generally take longer to idle in a line up than to quickly go in and get what you need.

      I am going to make a conscious effort to make this change…starting today! πŸ™‚

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