What if God is Testing YOU?

pixiz-31-07-2016-21-37-22I wrote this 6 years ago. I am reposting it because there has been change in the world since this was originally written and the Gay Pride Parade is today in Vancouver and I am a huge supporter of the LGBT community.

When I was on Facebook the other night I read a status update that a girlfriend from high school wrote that really bothered me. Sylvia was defriended after knowing someone for over 30 years, all because she chooses an ‘alternate lifestyle‘ and they choose God. This would be a good time to add, I am a proud supporter of Gay Pride, not because I am gay but because I believe human beings shouldn’t be judged because of their sexual orientation! I have never read the Bible, but I remember saying my prayers as a child. I prefer to take bits and pieces from all different religions, rather than follow just one. I can only give my opinion of what feels right inside my heart. I believe we are all part of a Universal Source of Energy and I try to live by The Golden Rule Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.’ The Golden Rule is not exclusive to Christianity, many religions teach their version of the Golden Rule, it’s such a basic and simple rule to live by.

I love women, but have never fallen in love with a woman in that way so I have no life experience to call upon when it comes to being gay. (well there was this one time in College…kidding, I never went to College lol) I have lots of gay friends whom I love and support for having the courage to live their lives truthfully and authentically. Imagine having to live with a secret your entire life because you fear being judged and isolated from your family and friends. If either of my children told me they were gay it would make absolutely no difference to me, I would love and support them either way!

My vision of being in a female relationship goes something like this…kids would always be clean and well fed, the house would be spotless, laundry would be done, folded and put away perfectly, there would always be wonderful aromas swirling about the house from fresh baked goods, candle light would glow from each room, wine would be chilled just right, oh and flowers, lots and lots of flowers! I could go on and on but I think you get my point! Female energy is so incredibly amazing! Who wouldn’t want that! Personally, I am physically and sexually attracted to male energy. (after that vision I am asking…why? lol) Please don’t judge me all my lesbian friends! 🙂

What if God was testing you, you who believed in the Christian God, who is against lesbian/homosexual relationships? What if he was testing you to see if you would be a follower or leader and take a stand by challenging his words in the Bible. What if God was testing you to see if you could think for yourself? When you think about how long ago the Bible was written, doesn’t it make sense there should be a few things that change with the times? Back in the time of Adam and Eve it made sense that a man and women would naturally be drawn to each other, to procreate, we needed the human race to flourish. Have we not flourished? There are other ways for human beings to have families and offer their love to one another. I think the Bible could use a little tweaking in this case, or needs to be viewed as more of a guideline, not so black and white.

What if what I say has a sliver of truth to it? I suppose you won’t know until you’re at the pearly gates. I believe I will never be judge for being who I am as long as my intent is pure. Why can’t we all just CoeXisT?

Here is the note that provoked this post:

“Sylvia, I am not continuing to have you as a friend on facebook for the following reasons…. While I am commanded to love you/others I am not compelled to condone or accept the lifestyle choices that are being so seductively and many times blatantly forced on our society and are in clear defiance of God’s word. This message is not something new to you but you have not heard it from me personally. There have been some specific message postings on the common wall by yourself and your friends that speak to your opposition of the “biblical definition of marriage” based on your lifestyle choice. I do not believe in the argument you present and this is not open for rebuttal or debate. God loves his creation and His word is crystal clear that He is opposed to homosexual/lesbian relationships/lifestyles. My head is not in the sand but my head is in God’s word. I will continue to pray that God will reveal himself in your life again and that you will see His word for what it is. – B.”

Sylvia stand tall and proud of who you are and continue loving others as you do yourself, by doing just that you will create the change that is needed. I have no specific words for ‘B’ my post is meant for all the B’s in the world! I can’t imagine feeling as though I have the right to judge another human being.

Imagine for a moment limiting yourself from meeting someone who would enrich your existence while you’re here on Earth, all because of a religious belief. This is simply my opinion, it is not meant to offend anyone or criticize the Bible or anyone’s religious beliefs, it’s just my thoughts and my way of saying life is too short “why can’t we all just get along!”

*Silvia, please watch this video, it’s very empowering and makes sense*

Abraham – who is Non-Physical Source Energy as translated by Esther Hicks – responds to a question from a lesbian activist who wants to affect social change in a meaningful “downstream” way.

Abraham: The Law of Attraction and Gay Rights – Esther & Jerry Hicks

"Exploring the never-ending desires that fuel all life, while finding lyrical beauty in everyday happenings."


  • Me

    Very interesting Tracy. It is a shame that some people will never open their minds to others lifestyles. But I truly believe you really don’t need or want those narrow minded people as friends anyways. Live and let live.

  • Jacquie

    Hmm, I think letting someone, a friend, know why you’re unfriending them is better than just doing it without giving a reason. That’s just cruel.

    We might not agree with the reasons at all, but she obviously felt uncomfortable having Silvia’s comments showing up on her page. ‘B’ is unenlightened, like so many out there, but she has a right to choose who she’ll socialize with on facebook. I’m not defending her beliefs, just the right to have them.

    I’m of the live and let live persuasion when it comes to love. I don’t get political about it and feel that everyone should have an equal opportunity to marry whoever they wish. I think the Bible is a great read; full of fantastic stories and an important source of historical (and some fictional) events. We shouldn’t base our actions today solely on our interpretation of a book written a couple thousand years ago, though. Geez, I worry even writing this because I know so little about formal religion. What I do know is both really, really good and really, really, really negative, so I’ve chosen, like Tracy, to go my own way and chose love every time.

    • Tracy Westerholm

      I agree Jake, at least a reason why was given, and to not judge is crucial.
      Perhaps I will open the Bible I was given when I was a child and flip through the fine thin pages and see what I find.
      I will always go my own way, its lead me to where I am today which is just excellent! muah!

  • Bonnie Johnson

    Excellent video, but then again you know I’m a huge fan of Abraham. I’ve learned so much from them. Did you know that the idea for “The Secret” was conceived of after Rhonda Byrne went to one of their seminars? Anyhoo…

    I don’t understand people who have no tolerance for those they perceive to be different from them. And it is not my business to understand them but, as Abraham said, it is more important to focus on how we would like our world to be. There is no point getting worked up over them not understanding others views either. (This reminds me of the wing-nut in Florida who plans on holding a “burn the Qur’an day” on Sept 11th. Feed the fire of hate and make things worse why don’t you!)

    I love this quote by Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.
    “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the only one getting burned.”

    Try not to be hurt by it and let it go Sylvia, then continue loving in any way you choose. There is nothing more powerful than love. 🙂

    • Tracy Westerholm

      You gave me the book ‘Ask and It Is Given’ (The Teachings of Abraham) how long ago? Wow I can’t believe I didn’t open it until now! Timing truly is everything! I can’t put it down, it makes such sense to me.
      I love the term wing-nut by the way, so visual!
      One of my favourite quotes is from Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
      That’s what I am striving for…being and change.
      Life is wonderful isn’t it!!!

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