Understanding Women ~

Understanding women is similar to being a parent for the first time, what works for your first doesn’t necessarily work for the next. Your basically starting from scratch each time. Each one of us is completely different from the one before. Think of us like a juicy piece of ripe fruit, having the widest variety imaginable!

I was thinking about men trying to navigate around all the female complexities that start at a very young age. My son is only 11 and already the words “girls can be so weird” have rolled easily off his tongue. “Get used to it” appears in a bubble above my head as I smile in agreement. He’s lucky to have a sister who will hopefully help guide him, if he protects her, a fair trade-off when it comes to brothers and sisters I think.

So I was thinking of advice I might give, to him or men in general, it goes something like this:
Give it your best, don’t try to understand how our minds work, don’t lose any sleep over us and hope for the best. Oh and good luck! 🙂

There will be times when women ask for your opinion, you will assume they want your honest one (first mistake) and in the blink of an eye you find yourself trying to back peddle in slow motion, your words have fallen into the abyss of wrong answers and you get ‘the look’. Just know that when women ask for your honest opinion, it’s usually a trick. It’s perfectly legal to respond “leave that with me and I’ll get back to you”, don’t succumb to pressure. Use your best judgment, each time is unique, or play it safe and sugar coat everything when the question starts with”Tell me honestly”…

Valentine’s Day is always a tricky day to man-oeuvre as male energy. Lets try a multiple choice. (if it were only that simple)

Do you buy us chocolates just after we stated we feel puffy/bloated?

A) No, buy a fun house mirror, the one that makes us look really tall.

B) Ask if we would like you to run us a cold bath, to help take the swelling down. (technically this would work…honesty isn’t always the answer)

C) Buy the damn chocolates, decedent cherry bombs from Euphoria Chocolates are amazing!

I once verbalized “I don’t need flowers”and then regretted it for years after. Even if we say we don’t need flowers, we still love to get them, flowers are romance which is foreplay for women! F-o-r-e-p-l-a-y!

Women try sending telepathic messages to men assuming they can be read, they can’t! Example: He goes out with the guys, you slip into that new sexy getup he didn’t even know you had and wait for him ready to rock his world when he comes in. He stay out late oblivious to the scenario playing out in your head, you can’t believe he is giving up this hot rocking bod for a bunch of beer swilling smelly guys, you get impatient, put on the flannels, wash off your face, totally and utterly miffed that he missed a great night of sex! Ladies, if your man even had an inkling of what was waiting in a sexy little number for him back home, I guarantee his night would be cut short! (right C) You just have to remember we have the inner dialog we just forget sometimes to let you in on it!

I have to admit some men are just naturally in-tune with women. I think it’s because they either have a house full of female energy, they were a woman in a previous life or just good old experience! I guess you guys could think of us as a challenge and rise to it. I love men and everything that makes them who they are and we as women can only hope they feel the same. Just remember guys that each one of us is unique and different from the one you previously encountered with our own idiosyncrasies that can change at any given moment. That’s the fun of us!

Variety is the spice of life!


6 thoughts on “Understanding Women ~

  1. Tracy,
    Extremely enlightening ! There’s a whole lot of information here. I had previously thought of some of this, but hearing it from a female perspective of someone you respect as a writer and a good person, I’m delighted to know this stuff.
    A Great Read ! I’ll be thinking about this post for some time to come !

    Thanks ! Keep Up The Great Work !

  2. 🙂

    One of my favorite movies is ‘What Woman Want’. Mel Gibson putting on makeup and pantyhose to get in the minds of woman. I think if guys (and woman for that matter as well), put that much energy into trying to better understand the opposite sex (or same sex as it’s about two people being different really – not just about what sex we are), we wouldn’t be having these converstaions.

    As for the ‘waiting under the covers’ part, throw us even the slightest hint. I’d fake a headache to the guys.

    These little ‘surprises’ could go a long way in getting us thinking, while we are enjoying a pint or two with our smelly friends, that maybe, just maybe, there is a hot woman under our covers waiting for us. Thinking about us, and our naked flesh inline.

    I would also add, that if we try to deliver a smiliar ‘surprise’, try your best to take advantage of it no matter how hard your day was. We get discouraged easily. We are a week species. lol

    Great post as always. I’d love to know more about ‘What woman TRULY want’, because that is truly what WE want. We don’t want to screw up or rush around getting flowers for all our foulups. We sincerely want to get it right the first time.

    • As always I love your ‘take’ on what I have to say! 🙂 Especially the line about “naked flesh inline.” I agree with you Lawrence, if we all put the energy in honestly and openly there would be less guessing for sure. Women truly just want to matter I think. We want to be thought of and cared about and at the end of the day…loved, in my humble opinion!

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