Tracy Questions Her Maturity ~

Have you ever seriously questioned your own maturity. We’ve all done things in our lives that have been followed by “What was I thinking?” I recently got an iMac and one of the applications on it is photo booth. If you have one I am sure you know where this is headed. (no pun intended)

This is how I spent the better part of the day when I was trying to do a serious video blog for our site and I just couldn’t do it! I kept hearing Bonnie’s voice in my head “you’re so serious, it’s just not the Tracy I know, do something funny to show me that it’s you” (that was a slightly edited version of what she really said) I hear a chicken gobbling clucking 🙂  Anne get your Kleenex out to wipe the pee off your cheeks this is wayyy more fun than Jib Jab!  (Anne taught us that ‘pee’ has the exact same chemical make up as ‘tears’) Oh, by the way I’m available! lol

That was just an example of what is to come on Tara Cronica’s side bar in the near future, so keep checking back for New Video Blogs from The Tara Team!


18 thoughts on “Tracy Questions Her Maturity ~

  1. That program is the funniest. My oldest was laughing hysterically the first time she used that program. I knew it took pics, but I didn’t know you could do an entire video like that.

    Hilarious! 🙂

    How about all three of you in a similar video next time. lol

  2. Now that’s the Tracy I know and love!!

    I haven’t laughed that hard since…well since John’s attempt to “sketch” me!

    I’m going to watch this regularly when I need a good belly laugh! You’re awesome!

    I can’t wait for all three of us to make one together!

  3. You are a nutcase, Tracy!!! Hilarious!

    Gives the title Director of Elastic Boundaries a whole new meaning… : )

    And coming right after the topic of plastic surgery was very timely. You’d look marvelous with an eyebrow lift! I’d seriously think about it!

  4. hahahaha I was laughing out loud. That was so awesome. I wish I had a mac and could do that. I think I would be able to make some interesting videos.

    That was for sure good timing since there has been lots of beauty issues. Tracy just let it all go.

  5. Ha Ha ….. Tracy !

    That was just to funny ! Being able to make people Smile and Laugh is one thing , but doing it by laughing at yourself is extremely special.
    I have known you had a great sense of humor for a few years now , this just showed me that you can being hilarious.

    You are a wonderful ( old school ) Romantic , Your funny , Your caring , Your Helpful , Your honest and you tell it like it is. Your respectful to others , and you are truly caring. All of these GREAT qualities are shown in what you write and the way ( Style ) in which you write.

    Your All Of It Girl ! If We Looked Up Tracy Westerholm In The Dictionary ….. It Would Say ( Difference Maker ! )

    You my Dear Friend are the Real McCoy !!!

  6. if i’m shedding tears – then i’m crying out my hoo hoo!!!! seriously – just opened this and have some girlfriends over bahahahahahaahhahahaha!!!! tracy on mac + red wine = t.r.o.u.b.l.e.

  7. That is HILARIOUS…belly laugh funny…At round 1:00 mark I saw the Roswell alien.

    My husband has a mac and is away right now….mmmm…I see a welcome home video coming up.

  8. Peeing out of my eyes too! Hilarioous! You obviously have a MAC! I’m going to post this and gather my family for a Sunday night laugh before we go in the hot tub! Thanks Tracy!

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