Are You Comfortable Naked!

I want the truth. Are you comfortable with your naked body? More specifically, are you comfortable with your naked body with your partner in the room? I know every woman who is reading this has questions such as; “what kind of lighting are we talkin about here, is it day/night/candle…is he naked…or just me…do I have a tan…am I my ideal weight or do you mean RIGHT now?” STOP!

Okay specifically…”Are you comfortable being naked right now in daylight with the blinds open southern exposure at noon with your husband/boyfriend/lover (pick one!) standing or lying naked right beside you no covers no tan white skin completely natural having just ate lunch?” Okay minus the having just ate lunch, I’ll give ya that one. I know what you’re thinking, I’ve been buck naked in this scenario and that’s why I’m writing about it. You’ll never know for sure! (insert cheeky grin here) I’ll enjoy the speculation immensely…I don’t kiss and tell 🙂

For some women undressing in front of the one they love, is so horrific poking a sharp stick in their eye would be less painful! It’s some women’s worst fear to drop their dress, let alone the panties and bra that are under it, in bright light! Add the starring eyes of the one they desire, nightmare complete! I guarantee your partner is in awe at the spontaneity and confidence you ooze for doing it in the first place, not any bits you’re unhappy with.

If we make this man someone you only lust after, apparently the pain is less severe. Sweeeeet! Kidding! I find that strange, weird even that psychologically we are more comfortable stripping down with a man we don’t know. The man we love, adores us for who we are, not just our physical appearance. The man we lust is there for approximately 3 minutes…okay maybe 4…5 tops, before you see the back of his head exit stage right! lol

I know we don’t really care what the man we lust really thinks because we just want their body and mechanics for a simply pleasure! Shouldn’t we be more comfortable with the man we love because we know he will make sure we are simply pleasured! 🙂

I suppose our partners should feel good knowing we care what they think, but if they knew we held back because of our own insecurities, I’m sure they wouldn’t understand! Men desire women curves and flesh regardless of their size or shape. I don’t think there is a man out there who would turn down the woman they love if she was standing naked in front of him! It’s about love and trust.

Aging is hard on our bodies but our minds hopefully out weigh any insecurities we might have allowed to attach to our physique over the years! We know better than to be so critical, it’s a slippery slope! And if we put this kind of pressure on ourselves aren’t we putting it on our partner as well? We are our own worst enemy in this scenario ladies! Men see us as we should, from the inside out! For me, aging is about accepting who I am right now…and now…and now regardless of my size, shape or wrinkle count. If someone can’t love me for who I am, then the hell with them!

Embrace who you are ladies, naked in bright light! Natural beauty is the sexiest, ask any man! We’ve touched on The Naked Truth once before here on Tara Cronica…Tag Team Sunday: The Naked Truth, still feel the same ladies?

Okay I gotta fly, I am getting a spray tan today by a complete stranger, naked of course, just in case I find myself lying naked in daylight with the blinds open southern exposure at noon with my ______ lying right beside me naked, no covers, completely natural, if you don’t count the tan! Baby steps ladies…baby steps! Now go get nekid and rock your mans world…cause he wants to rock yours too!



20 thoughts on “Are You Comfortable Naked!

    • You do know my hair is normally mousey brown…right? lol Spray tan, not fake’n bake! Had to try it, and it was worth it for all the hilarious conversations that came out of it…I love being shallow…and stained!
      I did look very sun kissed for a brief moment in time…back to reality now. Would I do it again…probably not but it was fun being naked in a room with a stranger! He was HOT! 🙂

  1. LOVE your post Tracy!! So well said. It sounds vain, I know, but it is hard to watch your body age. We are told to age gracefully and in public, we all say we will but privately, I think we’ve all had moments of seeing ourselves naked and wishing we could go back to our 30 year old selves and say, “Give your head a shake and quit being critical. Enjoy yourself and your body.” Well, I think we will look back 20 years from now and say the same.
    We change, we grow (in more ways than one), we struggle and we accept. And then we do it all over again.
    This morning, I was in the shower when my husband came back from taking the dog for a walk. He walked into the bathroom and pulled back the shower curtains to kiss me goodbye and I thought, ‘shit, I should have sucked in the belly’ but you know what, he called me from the car five minutes later and told me how beautiful I was. Now if THAT’s aging, I say bring it on!!!

    • That is sooooooo what every woman in the world is looking for…and you have it! And deserve it! You are as beautiful outside as you are inside Bella! I love that you shared that story! Makes me smile! xoxo
      As for going back 30 years…nay! I’m good right here right now! giggle! 🙂

  2. The immense pressure to be someone other than who we are at this red hot moment can be debilitating. So debilitating in fact that we can opt out of amazing opportunities because we might not measure up – there’s a guys perspective for ya! lol

    Seriously people; who out there is prepared to expose them self completely right now? I mean drop your clothes, your ego and self doubts and just be?

    Tracy’s thoughts forced me to accept that I am not 100% happy in my own skin. But that unhappiness is mine to own and to see for exactly what it is – irrational. And to turn it on it’s head. Therefore I declare forthwith that I choose right now to like me as I am without a spray tan and I dare you to join me in my world of happy lily white bare assed acceptance.

    Finally, and seriously ladies, there is nothing sexier to your man than to take him at his word and accept his compliment. I mean , really, your man says you are the most beautiful desirable woman he knows and you reject that. Your rejection is more often than not taken as a slight; that your man is shallow enough to lie to you to get what he wants. Just think what an invitation to mind blowing intimacy your man is offering. Please just think the next time you are about to shoot down his compliment.

    My advice – say thank you with loving eyes and get busy getting naked. You won’t regret it.

    • All I read was “red hot moment”…seriously I’m prepared to expose myself right now! 🙂 giggle…

      I think it’s true that we should all learn to just own it, whether it’s your sexuality, insecurities or a safety vest you wear and take seriously. Own it, rock it and be it!

      I’m willing to ignore the spray tan comment because you were kind enough to add your male perspective to my post…lily white bare assed sounds…clean enough to me!

      It’s true Richard, women deflect compliments on a regular basis not just from their loves because they simply don’t ‘own’ it as you said before. When you compliment a woman they often brush it off or side step it with a statement about another part of their body that is less attractive in their eyes, drawing the good attention away from themselves. Strange really isn’t it. I will definitely be working on that myself, now that it’s been brought to my attention.

      • And there it is…..

        A man takes the time to not only read your thoughts but to think and respond with honesty and courage and you brush it off.

        I rock my sexuality especially when I am in uniform.

        And I accept every compliment thrown my way especially when clothed.

        All kidding aside, It is liberating to be naked with your lover. It is one of the most intimate moments one can experience.

        I say bring it on (0r rather take it off!)

        • You’re a hard guy to navigate, I am in a constant quandary…do I respond with wit and charm, shallow humour, flirty sexuality or do I take the time and use my intellect to relate on a level that challenges me? All of the above!

          I acknowledge and accept the time you took to read my post and comment with such honesty, and courage and did not intend to have you feel as though I brushed you off…however I would brush you off if you needed to be. *wink

          I am certain without a doubt that you Rock Your Sexuality…regardless of what kind or type of uniform you don. Perhaps you could send us a picture and we could add you to our Male Energy Album?

          And…I will be serious if even for a brief moment in time…I agree whole heartedly with you in respect to the most intimate moment one can experience is that in which both lovers are exposed and naked feeling vulnerable and loved in the same moment! romantic sigh…

          Svaha Richard!

  3. I so agree Anna, we tend to be so critical of ourselves and yet looking back we wonder why.

    I strive to be that confident woman who could say no, please, leave all the lights on, yes, especially that bright spot light over my side of the bed, but I’m not there yet. Although, this morning I did walk into the kitchen stark naked to point out which cupboard the sugar was hiding in. At which point he had to ask me what it was he had been searching for in the first place. Men can be so easily distracted. 🙂

  4. Great comments Richard. I can’t believe three beautiful women like Anna , Bonnie and Tracy have any problem showing their gorgeous bodies off. Sure your bodies at twenty were smaller, but so were your brains . You all have come a long way and much more interesting to men now I am sure.
    Throw caution to the wind and enjoy every inch of those bodies.xo

  5. Not comfortable naked in the daylight (if anyone can see) and no WAY would I be naked in front of a stranger!!! I wore my bathing suit for my spray tan. 🙂

    • Cheryl,
      I am so surprised that you’re shy, I know you have an awesome body, I make reference to it often! I wore bottoms just not a top FYI. And it’s a joke that it was a hot handsome dude, had it been I would have hesitated for at least a couple of minutes! 🙂

  6. I don’t know why, but no matter what I look like I am completely shy about (my) nudity. I could never undress in a changeroom or for a tan! Not sure why, but I just can’t do it, and never have.
    These last 4 or 5 months, it’s getting harder and harder to maintain the body. Aging is so frustrating!!! I’m not good with it at all.

    • Thanks for your honesty Cheryl!

      I know so many women can relate, clearly it’s not just about size or shape, because you are in great shape. I find that interesting.
      I agree as we age it does get harder to keep our shape but we become more forgiving with each year, or at least I have. 🙂

    • Gavin, thanks for adding your voice to this topic! 🙂
      I think most men/women at some point in their lives have some form of discomfort with their body, disabled or not. We are all the same when it comes to our minds aren’t we.

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