The Bachelor ~ Cut the guy some slack!

I went to bed really late last night and I will admit I look really tired this morning.  So if you’re in my circle of friends …zip it !  I started to panic at around 1 o’clock in the morning.  All I could think about was Jacquie’s post on how horrible is it to hear your friends say you look tired.

I get obsessed with our website and time just disappears right in front of my eyes.  Even while writing this post I casually looked down at the clock on my computer screen and realized it was 12:06 pm.  Lunch had started at school and both my kids didn’t have one.  Well, it’s not like either of them have ever missed a meal.  Bad Mommy!

So while you’re reading this keep in mind I’ve had very little sleep, a lot of caffeine and I’m admitting I want to live in a fairy tale or fantasy world which involves love, romance and happy endings!
Now onto the Bachelor!  Most women this morning think Jason (the bachelor) is just a jerk, to put it mildly!  I have to say I‘m not really with you on that one.  This is the way I see it.

Jason Mesnick 'The Bachelor'When Jason first went through this process everyone LOVED the guy.  He was a charismatic, handsome, well built single Dad looking for love.  He had his heart broken by DeAnna Pappas( blink blink, inside joke) who came back to the show for one reason and one reason only.  Ratings!!  I do think this year’s group of gals was the best so far in the history of the show.  Having the addition of a child really changed the dynamic of the show and the kind of girls who signed up.
Jason came back and put his heart right back on his sleeve.  He had hope that the second time around would find him love and a family for himself and Ty.  Is that really so bad?  Maybe he just got caught up in it and for a brief moment in time he felt like his life was going in the right direction.

I am not saying it wasn’t awful to watch Molly have her heart broken but come on.  Molly, along with 25 other women, signed up for the show knowing very well what their odds were of finding love.

I will admit that bringing Melissa and Jason back to have Jason break up with her on National Television was somewhat like watching a car wreck.  But did I tune out?  Did you?  Not a chance.  I knew there had to be a twist as we all saw the trailer for the show and wondered for weeks why there was no audience at the end.

I think Melissa is a very aware young woman.  She’ll bounce back and connect the dots one day.  For a time she’ll question herself and wonder what she did wrong and have her pity me moment.  But then she’ll wake up and see that it had absolutely  nothing to do with her as a person.  Melissa’s beautiful, strong, confident and is not afraid to open her heart.  She’ll find love because she is continually putting herself out there.  And hey, there’s always that chance of being the next  bachelorette.  Who wouldn’t sign up for that.  I’d do it just for the kissing.  I know I wouldn’t find love entering into it so it would just be a huge kiss fest for me.Yikes!

You have to give the guy some credit for his courage to come back on the show, knowing that most women will judge him and take the side of the jilted heart.  But we have to stop placing blame on people.  I don’t believe for one moment that Jason entered into this show with the pure intention of hurting all those girls feelings.  You have to keep in mind that everyone is just trying to find a safe place to be and share it with someone they love.  As much as you’d like to place blame on Jason, until you’ve been in his position you simple can’t judge!

I admire Jason for being honest and not leaving it too long.  Should he have just kept trying with Melissa if his heart was with Molly?  There’s no guarantee they will be together in the future either but at least he is being true to himself.

When I was younger I ended an engagement with a guy I thought I was in love with for that very reason!  I was at least honest enough to admit I shouldn’t get married to someone when my heart was elsewhere.  I still wonder what would have been after 25 years.  I wouldn’t go back and change a single thing but I do wonder.  When you have chemistry that can’t be denied it doesn’t go away.  Molly and Jason might be the next Trista & Ryan, have a family and live happily ever after.

Everything in life happens for a reason.  You just have to be honest and true to yourself.  No one should ever fault you for that.  For those of you who still can’t get past the fact that the show went this route,  keep this in mind;  it’s a reality show that is edited the way that will give the television network the best ratings.  I don’t want to pop any bubbles here but it is possible that Jason did pick Molly right from the start.  Completely scripted for the benefit of ratings.  Give that a swirl for awhile.  Keep-a-Breast Foundation Keep-a-Breast Foundation

PS I did take my kids lunch by the way!

Update added to The Little Suitcase by Andrea Azevedo !! She won the contest!  Thank you to everyone who read and downloaded her book through Tara Cronica.  That right there is a perfect example of why we started this site !!



2 thoughts on “The Bachelor ~ Cut the guy some slack!

  1. I think your take is probably different from most of the viewing population but it’s the most ‘tara cronica’ of them all, even if we’re talking about a guy. We only see a portion of what really happens and it’s all edited and cut for ratings. I didn’t watch the show but I heard all about the finale on the View and in the entertainment news. I thought the guy seemed very honest and sometimes your head doesn’t function as well as you’d like under stressful situations. It’s good to remain nonjudgemental. I do feel bad for the woman who was ‘dumped’ (I hate that word) but she’s better off not being with a guy who’s luke warm. I think he truly loves her and respects her but it’s sometimes not enough and who knows why. They’re only people and we should let them be. Only those directly involved know the truth.

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