Texting & Text-ation-ships!

Texting can be exciting, the anticipation is stimulating and it can have sexual undertones that keep us hanging on for more. But if you never progress past the text, in all honesty I think it’s for those who just want to keep their options open. Its like wearing a mask or hiding behind a facade of who you really are.

Lets face it texting can be useful when we need to send a message that doesn’t require a long conversation, ask a quick question, send a funny message to a girlfriend, communicate when talking isn’t possible or the occasional flirt! I have to admit I have been caught up in texting on a few occasions with someone of the opposite sex, but to be honest, lose interest in it pretty quick if nothing materializes or it becomes the main source of how you communicate. I love words and think communication is a lost art, it would be like having to edit this post down to 4 lines, it wouldn’t say what I wanted it to in the end. Some might prefer that when I think about it. Texting leaves too much room for interpretation in my opinion, and it’s easily taken the wrong way.

The younger generation uses texting as their main way to communicate which I just don’t get. What I have a problem with is when texting takes the place of a personal conversation with the opposite sex. Texting is nothing like real life. We are missing out on the key ingredients of human interaction; eye contact, pheromones, body language, touching and everything else that goes along with interacting with another human being. It might initially give us courage to say something we might not have otherwise, but what happens when we are finally standing in front of the person we are interested in and we’re used to thinking about our response for a couple of minutes before pressing send? Then what? Or we can say too much and that can lead to an embarrassing encounter later on. It’s not a natural conversation, not to mention texting makes us sound uneducated. “Ur funny!” I can’t say that without sounding like a hillbilly!

I’ve been caught up in the texting thrill, the sparing of words back and forth and admit it was enticing, but it can also feel shallow. It might get the ball rolling, but I like seeing someone think on their feet when I ask something they don’t expect. Spontaneity is the best! I need to see someones eyes when I am speaking to them!

I have a girlfriend whose son has been texting for many years and he said that he likes the pause between texting because he can think about what he wants to say before sending it. Or he can just ignore the text if he doesn’t feel like the conversation…my phone died, broke, left it in my locker/at work/at home/in the car…what text? Do you see where the problem starts to form. You don’t know if and when the person you are sending a message to gets it? It leaves your conversation either unanswered or lost in cyberspace somewhere. So my conclusion, if it’s important face to face is best, if you don’t care when you get a response, text. Talking in person is hand delivering your message and it just doesn’t get any better than that! It’s honest and real.

I think the reason you choose to have a text-ation-ship with someone is because you’re either intimidated, insecure, nervous, lack confidence or you’re really just not that interested in spending real time with them, so you stay afloat in a text-ation-ship until someone worthy of your time crosses your path.

Texting should be thought of as a simple form of communication that has a time and place in our daily lives.

Happy Texting! Don’t text and drive!


4 thoughts on “Texting & Text-ation-ships!

  1. I could be wrong but the only textationships I know of are between kids. Like pre-teens and maybe teens.
    I could see how texting each other takes away from learning how to look each other in the eye and communicate, but I suspect that hormones will always win over screen time when the right time comes.
    I have a few people that I regularly text with and it’s fun. Like leaving them a post it note. Quick and to the point. And there is absolutely no sexual overtones involved.
    My son and I text regularly because he lives 3,000 miles away and has unlimited texting but pays a fortune for long distance calls.
    I am completely against texting while driving but I have been known to pull over and read one now and again. Takes longer to get where you’re going but at least you get there safely.
    Love the cartoons. 🙂

  2. I wasn’t even aware that there was such a thing either Bonnie, until I saw the term. I can’t imagine, even as a teen thinking it would be at all satisfying as a form of a relationship. Fun at times but nothing is a good substitute for the real deal. Jess has been texting a lot lately which inspired me to write this post. Oh to be 12 again! muah xo

  3. I’m a new texting convert and I love it! So much easier to get in touch with people than voice mail or even email. Quick and to the point. I was never a phone talker and sometimes emails seem just too distant. I like the immediacy of a text.
    I think there needs to be a smiley icon for ‘I’m hanging up now’ though. I never know when to end the little convos! Tracy and I usually just end with a big mwah and a few X’s and O’s to signal we’re outta here.
    What can we come up with to signal the text conversation is over?

    OAO = Over and Out

    BYE = Bob’s Your … Encle? Boy, You’re Exhausting!

    RT = Roger That

    ITS LATE = I’m Tired So Let’s Axe This Exchange

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