Svaha Spirit Series ~ TEDtalk Tracking the trackers…Gary Kovacs

Have you ever sat and really thought about what the Internet has come to in regards to being followed around where you innocently visit. I don’t think twice of where I go on the Internet, but should I? Do I really want my travels to be monitored? I visit so many different sites to do research,¬†ya research, that’s the ticket. Call it what you like, but you have to know you are NOT the only one who knows where you go.

I am of the frame of mind that I don’t mind my phone being tracked by the phone company because I don’t go places I shouldn’t…yet! What if I go missing, I’d like someone to know where I was last. I have two tattoo’s that the police could identify me with, I’m okay with that! Are we paranoid? Should we be? Do you care that you are monitored by an unknown source? How about if it were your children being followed? That I don’t like AT ALL!

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