Svaha Spirit Series ~ Soldiers Returning Home

There are Heroes sprinkled amongst us, you just have to look. We are blessed if we meet one, proud if we know one. They step out into a world that many of us don’t see, trying to make a difference, and they certainly do.

This video was incredibly touching! It shows us how lucky we are to have our loved ones close. It reminds us how fortunate we are to live in a Country that has freedom, and it makes us appreciate every single moment we have. I am grateful to all the Heroes who dedicate their lives to make our world a better place!  Even if you just watch the first few moments, you will feel the incredible love! Svaha ~


5 thoughts on “Svaha Spirit Series ~ Soldiers Returning Home

  1. I saw this on facebook a couple weeks ago and I was a soggy mess then after I watched it. Of course I pressed repeat here and again same reaction.

    When your business is war, the reunions are that much sweeter compared to the average “business traveller” who’ll leave on a Monday …go to a few meetings and is home on a Friday.

    Bless all those whose families who are separated as a result of war. Hopefully loved ones are home soon.

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