Svaha Spirit Series ~ Monument Valley

Scott ventured to Monument Valley, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico for the first time several years ago. They say touring through the Valley is best by horseback. Scott chooses his passion, the motorcycle, to make the trip. He came home the first time with a very different outlook on life. It is where he would like to have his ashes spread when he passes from this world to the next, it meant that much. A spiritual quest for a man on a motorcycle, awesome! He continues to go back year after year to be recharged spiritually. I would like to go and see the beauty for myself to see how it might affect me spiritually, just not in the heat of the summer on a motorcycle. I’ve been told it’s one of the most beautiful breathtaking spiritual places on earth. It is definitely on my bucket list! I think spring time would be most beautiful.

Monument Valley ~

Photographs taken by Scott Wellenbrink


5 thoughts on “Svaha Spirit Series ~ Monument Valley

  1. it truly is a wonderfull place. a place one cant really fully understand or appreciate untill you go and see for yourself. thanks for including this and me in your wonderfull site.

  2. I love the shots of the clouds moving and changing in the sky around the rocks. It is a glimpse into how they were transformed over years and how the wind and weather continues to change the sandstone butte’s now. Very cool.

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