Svaha Spirit Series ~ Lacrosse, more than just a game for some kids!

You would think that after watching a full regular season of Lacrosse, attending three tournaments (two of which were road trips), competing in the Provincials two weeks ago, writing a post about Sports and Coaching, I would have had enough of the sport. It’s hard to get away from it with a son who can’t wait for field to start days after Box finished!

I was all alone at home with no kids looking for things to write about and I found myself surfing through YouTube video’s of Paul Rabil. (don’t ask!) If you don’t know who Paul Rabil is he plays for the Washington Stealth, he is an incredible Lacrosse player who has a shot that was clocked at 111 miles an hour, goalies are crazy!  He looks like a Greek God!

I found myself engulfed in Lacrosse video’s and came across one that stuck out from all the others, perfect for our Svaha Spirit Series. For some kids Lacrosse is more than a game, it’s how they survive life. Russ Sheppard, a teacher in Kugluktuk, made a difference in these kids lives by giving them a sport which in turn gave them hope!


2 thoughts on “Svaha Spirit Series ~ Lacrosse, more than just a game for some kids!

  1. Way To Go Tracy !
    In this case it’s Lacrosse ! Fantastic whatever the sport !
    I came from an alcoholic family where being beat up on a regular basis was the “norm ” NOT ! I also saw my mom smacked around often. I also had suicidal thoughts from time to time, not something I like to admit. But I will sacrifice all pride issues to be a vessel of help to others.
    To me, my escape was the Boxing Gym, a place to run away from reality as a child who was alone in all that was happening in my life. A ( Coach ) A ( Mentor ) who helped me to understand that I could go to a place in my dedication to my sport that no one could interrupt and ruin the moment. A way to release the fear and the anger felt by a child of 7 yrs old. I learnt that I could get away and go to a great place where there was discipline , dedication, commitment and perseverance …. in a healthy atmosfear. It got me through a very tough childhood.
    Later in life I had more very difficult times with the lose of my sister to a brutal murder before her 29 birthday, and my mom died of a massive brain hemorrhage 6 months later. I turned to alcohol and drugs to kill the pain, and again found myself not wanting to carry on once again in my life.
    Then a Spiritual awakening …. and the fact I had small children that I promised would never go through what I did.
    The years have gone by so very quickly and all those years I have dreamed about giving back as my Coach did so many years ago. Now I am being used as a vessel of help to those who are struggling with the hand they have been dealt ( so to speak )
    Never give up, never quit, there is a light at the end of every tunnel.
    But by the Grace Of God we all go !

    Way to put it out there Tracy ! Nice Work !

    • Thanks for taking the time to watch the video Rick, it was a little long but the ending had a real impact on me! There are kids out there who just want to play sports for the fun of it but also those who need it to get through their day! You can relate to both sides of this story. You were able to break the cycle and made good use of your time, and give back helping those who really need it.

      I admire you for overcoming what you had to in order to be where you are today! You give those around you hope that they too can reach goals regardless of how tough they seem.
      You are a wonderful example of what hard work and dedication can lead to! Keep up the great work Rick, you are a difference maker too! T 🙂

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