Svaha Spirit Series: Khan Academy

Watch. Practice. Learn almost anything – for free. Sal Khan is a pioneer in education! Sal is the founder of the Khan Academy, which is an organization on a mission to make education available to anyone whether you are a student, teacher, home-school-er, principal, or anyone else who wants to learn or relearn a wide variety of educational subjects. It spans from elementary school to university level material. This website will amaze you. I was overwhelmed when I first viewed it, I wasn’t sure where to begin.

What was really fun for me was when I told my 12 year old son about it, he said his friend told him that morning that he HAD to check out the same site! Woot Woot, I am cool…for the moment! Still no singing in the car though! I know what you’re thinking Scott, I bathed in the glory of being the cool Mom and somehow forgot who told me about the link…I will confess to Jess it was you, I just need one more day!

Jess and I clicked on Brain Teasers and listened to one together, we paused as Sal told us so we didn’t get the answer. Sal told us to just think about it for 24-48 hours as he did and the answer would manifest itself if we had patience. But not to my surprise, Jesse sat for all of a minute and told me what he thought was the answer, I couldn’t resist so we listened right away…he was correct! Instant confirmation that my genetic DNA has been passed down to my son! He’s a smarty pants! Okay…he really is a mini you Scott! I got confused and tried to follow but felt like I was back in Consumer Math! But he has my eyes! 🙂 I do love brain teasers but need to have little or no distraction to has success, which is rare these days!

Thanks for sharing this link with me Scott so I could pass it on to our Tara-circle of friends. It was also a great TED Talk. A free world-class education for anyone anywhere! I’ve bookmarked it and know all of you will too!  If you or your kids don’t understand any part of their education it’s an awesome resource that’s available at the click of a button! Check it out!

Khan Academy!

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