Svaha Spirit Series ~ The Spirit of Giving

Now would be a good time to look around your house and see how much you have received over the last couple of days. It’s embarrassing really, that we receive so much, and give so little. I was very touched by this video when I saw it posted on Facebook. I give in many different ways, from lending to empower an entrepreneur in a developing country through Kiva to supporting We Give a Damn by purchasing a I Give a Damn T-Shirt to spread the message about Bullying. This year my family bought Tim Horton gift cards to hand out to the less fortunate in our community, providing a warm meal. I think it is so important to help those in need when you can, and especially important to get your children involved. The Spirit of Christmas is the Spirit of Giving. Narayanan Krishnan is someone who completely understands this spirit!

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  • Bonnie Johnson

    I first saw him on CNN and was amazed. I like to think of myself as generous but I know I could not give my life over to doing what he does. I’m glad there are people like him out in the world. It makes me want to do more, be a better person and help out anyway I can.

    The Tim Horton gift card is a great idea Tracy!

  • Chris

    What a great video. If all of us that are able to eat and clean our selves and have a warm, safe place to sleep everynight did just a fraction of what he does, we could make a difference.
    This past summer, in Africa, amongst other things, I had the opportunity to buy some goats for familes, and paid so a lady could have her house finished so her and her boys were not sleeping in a shack. They were so grateful. Wish we all did more — our own communities are not unlike third world countries in many ways. Tim Horton’s cards are a great idea.
    Happy 2011 🙂

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