Svaha S.S ~ The Real Harlem Shake!

Photo on 2011-07-27 at 19.27 #2Dance Season is fast approaching so I thought I would share this with you.

Viral? Really? The Harlem Shake…I don’t usually say the word ‘NEVER’ out loud because in my past it has come back to bite me, but in this instance “I will NEVER be a participant of the Harlem Shake…EVER!” I can however appreciate the real deal!

This is the REAL way to do the Harlem Shake.

I did however find one video where some guys actually had some moves…giggle!

Go Louisville Men’s Basketball! (((((smile)))))

Here is an example of what’s going viral…

You have to admit that is much better than most out there! The people of Harlem are not impressed with the videos circulating, but I think would appreciate a couple of these guys moves!

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