Surfing…slow motion!

I was surfing ‘Facebook’ when I came upon this video a film industry friend of mine had posted, I found it really interesting.  I love any kind of Documentary especially when it involves nature and interesting things we don’t see in our day to day lives. It makes you aware of the passion some people have for their jobs and thankful they are sharing it with us!

Wired has a fascinating article detailing some of the revolutionary advancements in high-speed cameras. The article details a new show called Time Warp, whose premise is to make the ordinary extraordinary with one trick: slowing it down.  The high-speed cameras used for this cost more than $100,000, but they can stretch a few seconds of action into several minutes, allowing us to see details within the action that were previously unknown to us.

And if you think super slow-motion video sounds hard to shoot on land, try shooting underwater.  German scientist Rudi Deisel created a custom high-speed underwater camera called the Typhoon HD4.  He spent the next year turning his Typhoon into an underwater shooter.

Deisel’s camera was used to shoot a teaser for the BBC’s upcoming South Pacific series, which features surfer Dylan Longbottom in a 12-foot monster barrel. In the video (above), Deisel was delighted to see that his camera captured intricacies of ocean waves normally imperceivable to the human eye — a tube of air passing through a long distance of the wave in the shape of vortices.

And if the video above just wasn’t quite long enough to get your adrenaline fix, check out the one below, I am certain you will be satisfied!

Surfs up!  The ocean is a powerful sourse and surfers in my opinion are crazy human beings!  While vacationing  in Maui we watched the Billabong Pro Women Vans Triple Crown from the cliffs above Honolua Bay.  It was amazing to see these women in person, they absolutly loved what they were doing.  They were fierce competitors!  Women Inspiring…Layney Beachley and Stephanie Gilmore to name a few.  Enjoy the video!


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  • Jacquie

    Just enjoyed the videos along with my latte, warm and dry at my desk, NOT in the middle of a pipe or whatever. I’ll leave the water sports to the pros and the extremists. Like Peter Sellers said in Being There “I like to watch”. : )

  • Francesco

    I love this…Every Time Warp program is very entertaining… About 100 years ago… in surfer years….I tried surfing in Hawaii and Australia… fortunately the surf was much smaller than those in the video’s. Some day I’ll try Tofino on the west side of Vancouver Island if I live long enough…. Until then I’ll snowboard. Even as an amature trying the surfboard after a lesson and riding a wave is an easy thrill that you will love to earn…and tell everyone you know..!!! So, On your next beach holiday, if surf lessons are available… take them and enjoy them with a light heart for fun with a friend or two and even if you don’t end up riding a wave the effort will create smiles & memories… hang 10… or just hang on… as I did.

  • bonnie

    So cool!

    The power of the ocean is really apparent looking at it in slow motion. Takes my breath away!
    Surfing is a wonderful sport but I’m with Jacquie “I like to watch”.
    It’s wonderful to see so many women competing in the sport now. Very inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing these clips with us!

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