“Stepping Into The Ring” with the ‘C’ Word!

I always find it interesting that when we start a new month with a new ‘header‘ and ‘theme‘ that somehow our theme is identified in our topics. Jacquie created this months artwork and chose Finding Lyrical Beauty in Individuality’.

I was surfing the internet looking for interesting stuff to write about when I came across this video, it’s powerful! I lost my Grandfather and Aunty Margie to cancer. It seems that everyone is connected to someone who is either going through cancer treatment, has lost someone to cancer or has it in their own family.

Here are two examples of women who not only inspire but also have their own unique individuality. I shared a website with you a while back called Crazy Sexy Life and an uplifting documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer which was created by Kris Carr an actress/photographer. It’s all about Kris looking for a cure and finding life. Kris Carr was diagnosed with a rare and incurable cancer. Weeks later she began filming her story. Taking a seemingly tragic situation and turning it into a creative expression, Kris shared her inspirational story of survival with courage, strength, and lots of humour.

Nicole Johnson is a bestselling author, performer, and motivational speaker. Nicole’s ‘Fresh Brewed Life‘ message gives ‘Hope for the Daily Grind’. She addresses issues ranging from the comedic struggle of motherhood to the tragedy of dealing with breast cancer. Nicole’s sketch “Stepping Into the Ring” is for those fighting for hope over despair in the battle against cancer.

Inspiring Women Expressing Their Individuality ~

Whether it’s you fighting the battle against cancer or someone you know is, the human spirit is NEVER alone. There is always support and inspiration around us. Nothing can take your spirit unless you allow it to.

Inspiring Women Rock!

"Exploring the never-ending desires that fuel all life, while finding lyrical beauty in everyday happenings."


  • Rick


    Tracy ! Oh Boy ! Thank – You So Much ! I too have a loved one battling cancer, I’m not going to give it enough credit to deserve a Capital “C ” Hats Off To This Awesome Women With Her Ability To Make A Difference ! I have never seen this before but , I’m Soooo glad you and Your Difference Making Ability brought it to the forefront of our minds today !

    As you know I recently opened a Boxing & Fitness Centre that is focused completely around a boxers work out and the ability to “Fight Back “in all aspects of our lives. We need to fight back against ALL things that are negative in our lives, and turn them into positives.
    Praise God for this lady’s prospective against this very brutal disease.
    I’m so inspired by this ! You Will never realize how much !
    NO ! it …. or anything else can have our heart and soul unless we give it away ! So Perfect !

    God Bless ! Thank – You & Have A Great Day !


    Boxer’s Rock !

    • Tracy Westerholm

      Thanks Rick, I was also very moved by this video, feels like a blow to the stomach while watching it. Glad it inspired you and love that you focus on ‘Fighting Back’ in all aspects of our lives at your Boxing club. It is important to teach discipline and attitude to those you are teaching self defence to so that there is a balance. With power there comes a great responsibility! T

  • Janet

    I just finished reading a book called ‘Choosing to Smile’, it is a story of 3 ladies and their lives, and their battles with cancer and how they are ‘choosing to smile’ . They are from Chilliwack, BC area (one of the women is my co-workers wife – so I bought the book in support). I finally got around to reading it, and I couldn’t put it down. I don’t have cancer or know anyone close to me who has had cancer, so it was really eye opening to read just what a battle it really is. I mean I know it is, but to read what a person with cancer goes through. I am amazed at how they all really are ‘choosing to smile’, and battle on, and still be positive. The mind is an amazing tool!

    As you say Samantha, you have cancer but the cancer doesn’t have you. That strength is amazing to me, and I found their strength amazing, and it put my ‘issues’ into perspective.

    • Tracy Westerholm

      I will pick up this book for sure Janet it sounds like something everyone should read. I can’t agree more with choosing to smile no matter what your situation is, fighting cancer or anything in life that feels like a battle. To smile is a gift. 🙂

  • Lawrence

    Christine Clifford is another inspiring woman who used her own battle with cancer, to make a difference and to help others living with cancer. I bought the book ‘Having a No Hair Day’ for a friend when her mother was battling cancer. It’s aim is to bring make light of these very difficult times. http://www.cancerclub.com/

    There are so many sides to cancer, Janet. Probably one of the most painful to watch for me, is when this disease strikes a child.

    A friend of mine, an award winning director and story teller from Toronto, did a documentary about a boy battling cancer and his struggle to ‘fit’ in with his child peers as cancer changed him. The trailer can be viewed at http://arcinstitute.net/ (Surviving The Treatment), along with an animated short inspired by Myles’ courageous battle @ http://vimeo.com/3575819

    Thanks for sharing this Tracy. I have a friend (39), battling cancer right now. It’s scary when life makes you stop to realize, that this can hit us at any time.

    • Tracy Westerholm

      I couldn’t agree more Michelle, no matter what you face each day you have a choice to wake up and face it with a positive outlook! My friend Teri told me once when I was worried about something to take a moment to be upset and then move forward and don’t look back. I think it important to validate our feelings but don’t allow them to take over our spirit and dwell on the negative ‘what if’. The only what if should be what if you survive another day? Was it a day well spent making a difference? Each day should be lived to it’s fullest regardless of our own personal struggles. Thanks for sharing your video!! You made me smile! All three of you are an inspiration! xo

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