Shopping When You’re Hungry!

Yesterday Jacquie posted about Breaking the Shopping Addiction so I thought I would follow her lead here and add yet another element of shopping. You know what they say about going grocery shopping when you’re hungry…you shouldn’t. I’ve come to the same conclusion when you’re shopping for…pretty much anything, including men. *wink * We’ve all gone shopping hungry at some point in our lives, whether we want to admit to it or not.

It should be a Golden Rule: “Don’t shop for anything when you’re hungry for it!” You will usually end up with what you don’t necessarily need or want and it’s never an easy task to return what you got. Mentally we just aren’t prepared to return something we’ve bonded with the entire car ride home. ๐Ÿ™‚ Buyers remorse sometimes kicks in but not soon enough, we quickly justify our purchase in our own minds and find ourselves hiding or not speaking of what we bought until the dust settles! If you’re hiding what you bought, chances are you didn’t need it! lol

Basically, unless you’re ready to unwrap what you purchase and use it immediately, you should hold off or at least think about it…unless of course you look at shopping as doing research for when you’re ready to purchase. Do you see where the justifying happens so naturally! Ya…its research I’m doing, no harm in that! Cha-ching! There’s nothing wrong with a little research, as long as its left in the store!

When you’ve done without something for awhile, sometimes it’s just too tempting and hard to resist. Temptation can be tricky, even for those who have great discipline, unfortunately most of us fall under the category ‘Discipline Zero.’ Restraint is definitely something learned with age…at least for me.

So next time you’re out shopping for whatever, ask yourself two questions.

1) Am I hungry?

2) Do I really want or need him this?

Stay tuned next week I’ll tackle Shopping… for a Man ~


8 thoughts on “Shopping When You’re Hungry!

  1. Unless you’re starving…then go get yourself something to eat! Ha ha!

    Thank you. You have given me justification for some of my “bad choices” over the years. I can forgive myself now because I realize I had simply gone shopping hungry. Silly me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love this!

    • Hahahaha! I know now we don’t need to deny everything and say we “just can’t remember it was so long ago”, we can simply say “I went shopping hungry” tee hee hee!
      I feel a hunger pang coming on! lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Shopping hungry lowers your resistance and affects your ability to make good choices. So True! — “whatever you’re shopping for “. Love it!

    You always put an interesting spin on this subject, Tracy. I hope you get some quality protein soon… but I guess a few chicken nuggets aren’t too bad for you…

    • Hahaha! I’ve considered going fishing to pump up my Omega 3 but I’m not really interested in trolling at the moment! lol

      If all else fails I might just set a rabbit trap! I hear rabbit stew is quite tasty! But then again Fatal Attraction kind of wrecked the whole rabbit thang for me!

  3. Excuse # 23… shopping while hungry is natural and should be enjoyed and can be that background reward for simply completing the task… likely for everyone else. Ok, you can give me heck now. Thank you for the New Years smile… Shop me later.

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