Shopping…for a Man.

Last week I wrote about Shopping When You’re Hungry, this week it’s, Shopping… for a Man. It’s hard to find the perfect man, because there is no such thing as perfect when it comes to men or women, but there is ‘pretty damn close!’

So assuming we are not shopping hungry and hypothetically we happen upon Mr Pretty Damn Close to Perfect, it goes something like this…

We catch his eye and can’t resist his charming smile and pearly whites. We flirt ever so subtly, even though he’s in the company of another woman. Our heart takes over and we convince ourselves, she’s probably his sister, they’re colleagues or just friends. This is where our hearts replace reality with make-believe and our heads get lost in the clouds! If the sparkle in his eye wasn’t enough to blind us and send us into a spellbound tailspin, the brilliant ray of light reflecting off his pearls will most certainly derail us from our path of common sense! Physiologically, we’ve been lured! All because we just can’t resist something that sparkles! Let me clarify, women who shop with their hearts can’t resist something that sparkles! We create what we think might be…first mistake! Back away from the temptation you long for until your head takes control over your heart! Don’t let your body try to fool you into thinking you’re just having a sugar low and a taste of protein will make you feel much better! It won’t!

Now, I’ll put it into perspective for most women and relate our shopping for a man as we would a pair of CFM GREAT shoes that speak to us telepathically. The gorgeous shoe on the left is a Brian Atwood Shoe, in F**k You Red, check out the link to see the description, warning it may offend some readers. We wouldn’t wear a shoe with a strap that was too tight or felt too small or god forbid belonged to another woman. It just wouldn’t feel right. We want the shoe that calls out our name to fit us just right in order to be pumped about it. (giggle) We shouldn’t feel any different when it comes to men. He should fit us just right, and only us!

I am in no way suggesting men are objects, although I think deep down they wish we would treat them as such to make it simpler for them. I also believe when it comes to love you should follow your heart, but until it is love you should use your head first. This will avoid the obvious, a shoe rarely worn because it pinches or makes our feet hurt! When we use our hearts, not our heads when we are initially infatuated with whatever is within our grasp, we turn a blind eye and ignore the obvious, Red Flags. I’m working on that post right now, stay tuned! 

So ladies, when you’re out browsing or shopping and come across a potentially perfect fit, use your head, until your heart naturally takes its place. My heart tells me Paul Walker is Mr Perfect, my head assures me he has flaws just like everyone else on the planet! I just wish they were a little more visible to the naked eye!

Happy Shopping Ladies!


12 thoughts on “Shopping…for a Man.

  1. KMG… kiss me gently. Please continue shopping in the manner that naturally expresses the real you, because some of us can tell the diff and like it a lot because we know your head will eventually govern. A heart shopper is so much more exciting and memorable… the heart will lead & the head will follow. Put me down as a heart shopping supporter. Thank you for posting the shoe photo… nice art resource. Smiles as always.

    • Thank you once again for your male energy and insight Francesco!

      I naturally lead with my Heart, being a hopeless romantic. I think if we could find a balance of the two it would be ideal!

      This post obviously came at a time when I am in question if I should continue to follow my heart or try using my head for awhile to see the difference!

      A quandary I am having…

      Don’t create circumstances that go against yourself, being authentic to who you are is so important.
      Ahhh I needed that Francesco! Mwah! xo

  2. I’m waiting for the Red Flags post. I never know what to expect with you, my dear Tracy!

    Will these be your personal red flags, standard, universally acknowledged red flags or somewhere in the middle? I’m almost scared to ask. Never a dull moment! : )

    • If my heart were bigger than my head, I’m almost positive my chest would be much bigger too! Wait a minute!!!!! Did Dad call me Tweety bird when I was a little girl because of THAT! Gasp! And I thought it was because he thought I was a cute little bird! OMG I just had an A-HA moment! lol xo

  3. Expect the unexpected?

    You know me, I usually have a topic in my mind for a while, I process it, find how it relates to me and Voila, Tracy’s take!

    Of course there will be an example of a personal red flag! Mwah!

    We need to connect soon lovely! xoxo

  4. Tweety bird! Ha ha! It all makes perfect sense now. I still think of you whenever I see a Tweety bird and now I will have a good laugh too. You need a big head anyway to hold up all your beautiful hair…otherwise your chin would keep flying up and you’d only get to see the sky. You’re perfect just the way you are in other words.
    Careful not to judge a book by it’s cover…take it to the beach for the afternoon, bring it in the tub with you, curl up in bed with it…

    • Ha ha! Theres always another Great book on the shelf! This is funny! I wouldn’t be so rude as to read over someone’s shoulder, I have patience to wait until they’re done! lol A good book is worth waiting for! Gaffah! Gaffah!

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