Science of Happiness ~ Dr Lombardo’s TEDx talk

How do you achieve Happiness? According to Dr Lombardo happiness is a skill. I agree. I am a huge fan of TED Talks and considering it’s tax time I thought I would share one about Happiness. 😉

Dr Lombardo has some tips to finding happiness and helps us understand the Science of Happiness. A glass of wine or coffee therapy with your girlfriends also helps! Even when things are tough I try to be conscious of what makes me happy. Think of 5 things you are grateful for today and that will help put you on the road to being happy!


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  • Kevin

    Great post and TED talk Tracy. There’s a great book by Harvard psychologist, Daniel Gilbert, called ‘Stumbling on Happiness’. In it, Gilbert argues that unlike any other creature on earth, humans have the capacity to fabricate a mental image of our future through imagination. We ponder options, imagine scenarios and consider which paths to follow. Unfortunately, our cognitive power of imagination is a double edged sword, allowing us to envision both the best and the worst case scenarios.

    I agree with Dr Lombardo, happiness is a learned skill but it’s also a state of mind. We can’t be happy yesterday, or tomorrow, only now. If we learn to stop searching for happiness and master the skill of living each moment with gratitude and mindfulness, we’ll be happy. Granted, it’s a tough skill to master. 😉

    • Tracy Westerholm

      I will check that out for sure Kevin! I agree I am one who is usually prepared for what’s to come, not always a good thing because it is at times a lot of wasted energy. I spent time preparing for what ‘might’ happen and then the situation or scenario goes in a completely different direction.

      My post on Wednesday will again touch on how to make your life much much happier! (insert cheeky grin here) wink*

  • Jane

    You can go through life unhappy or you can wake up each morning and make happiness come alive with good thoughts and using your life skills to be grateful for what you have that day. Everyday is a new experience in life and positive thinking has a great role in where, why and how you feel at the end of each day. It’s up to one’s self how to expand your horizons within your everyday life.
    Nothing stays the same, you always have choices, go for the happiness.

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