(RED) The Lazarus Effect

Last night on Facebook, (RED)The Lazarus Effect’ film Directed by Lance Bangs, Executive Producer Spike Jonze, streamed The Red Carpet live from the screening at MoMA in NY. You can see the film’s Premiere on May 24 th on HBO, YouTube & Channel 4. I originally saw the campaign commercial on Homorazzi.com (LOVE IT) a new site I found while doing research for another post. (Friday’s) Sooo many great things to write about it’s hard to pick!

I keep getting reminded why Bono is my all time favourite musician, here is another reason! Bono, Penelope Cruz, Hugh Jackman, Don Cheadle, Gwen Stefani, Gabourey Sidibe, Jane Lynch, Dakota Fanning, Orlando Bloom, Lucy Liu, Claire Daines, and so many more friends of (RED) show the power of what 40 cents can buy.

The Lazarus Effect Campaign: 40 cents = 2 lifesaving pills … With the help of 2 antiretroviral (ARV) pills that cost around 40 cents a day, a person with HIV can transform their life in as few as 40 days. Doctors call it “The Lazarus Effect.”

I buy (RED) whenever given the choice to do so. It takes the same effort to buy a Starbucks (RED) gift card as it does any other, so why not! My kids Teacher gifts are (RED) Starbucks coffee cards. You’re not only supporting a great cause which is making positive change in the world, you’re teaching kids that a gift can have a life changing meaning behind it! Win/win!

Change is being made because of those who use their voices! You can use your consumer voice, by supporting (RED), Teacher gifts and Mother’s Day are just a few ways to help!

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  • jacquie

    Since I wasn’t familiar with the story of Lazarus I decided to check it out on Answers.com. I love word origins and meanings.

    In the New Testament, two apparently different people. In the Gospel According to Luke, he was the poor man in the parable of Dives and Lazarus, and in the Middle Ages he was honoured as the patron of lepers. In the Gospel According to John, Lazarus was the man whom Jesus raised from the dead. When Jesus visited Bethany, near Jerusalem, Lazarus’s sister Mary lamented that if only Jesus had been there four days earlier, surely he could have prevented her brother from dying. Jesus went to the cave where Lazarus was entombed and commanded him to “come forth,” and he did. The miracle, in the Gospel account, inspired some Jews to accept Jesus as the Messiah, and others reported it to Jewish leaders.

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