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I want to talk about Real Women! I came across the profile pics of Teri Hatcher fresh out of the bath. She was proving a point that not all celebrities get Plastic Surgery or Botox, lighting is crucial to a great photograph. She was showing the world that she has character lines regardless of what ‘they’ say. We all know who ‘they’ are so I am not even going to give ‘them’ credit for being ‘they’.

I met Teri Hatcher back in the 80’s when she had a part on MacGyver and she was just as beautiful then as she is now. She is a Real Woman. I liked her immediately and have watched her throughout the years and have noticed that she is aging gracefully.

On Desperate Housewives she is never the one with the forehead that looked like a freshly Zambonied ice rink. It’s distracting to watch someone talk and react from an actors point of view and see no emotion! I love when real women stand up and use their voices, it shows confidence in who they are, which is more than skin deep.

I tuned into Millionaire Matchmaker about two weeks ago to see what it was all about, Millionaire Shauna Raisch was the one looking for love, really good looking young hot love to be exact. Who isn’t but lets get real! She owned a spa and was in great shape. The more the interview process went on the more I realized that parts of her face didn’t move as she talked, she was either paralyzed with fear, the freezing hadn’t come out from a root canal or she had a lot of work done. I guess when you are the owner of a spa sometimes it’s hard to stop! It would be like a skinny cupcake store owner, or hair stylist who never changed their hair, you’d question what they were selling if they didn’t partake in it themselves. Shauna was a ‘superficialist’ (appearing to be true or real only until being examined more closely) according to Patti Stange host of the show.

If I look deeper it’s not the work done that bothers me, it’s the frame of mind your in before doing it. It’s important to know why and that regardless of what you do have done, you are still the same age going in as you are coming out. That doesn’t change. It’s when it becomes an obsession, that the balance goes out and the dominos start to tip.

I sway back and forth on this subject. I have always said I wouldn’t do anything that involved a knife, but I am heading in the direction that I would think about filling a few lines with epoxy. I know that’s not the real word but you get what I’m saying. About 5 years ago my doctors office started to do Restylane, that’s the correct word, and asked if I would like a free session which was about a $500.00 value. Free or Guinea Pig? He showed me the lines he would fill in and it didn’t make sense to me. He wanted to fill in my dimples and laugh lines. I said no but thanks? In a few years I might be persuaded to get between my brow done but I’m not quite there, give me a couple more years of ‘the face’ (furrowed brow) and I might be game! This photo is what ‘the face’ would look like with Botox. Scott thought it would be funny to erase my hair line to make my forehead look huge, it’s funny how it fits perfectly for this post now, never delete pictures!

We did a photo session with Cathy Empey who is amazing at her craft. I had to get real with myself after that session. I will only speak for myself, there were a few photo’s that I cringed at, not anything to do with Cathy, but my perception of my body. I’ve let it go now but it was a challenge. After coming to terms with the fact that I look pretty good for a 40 something Mother of two, I suntanned on the wharf with Bonnie in my bikini not having a care in the world at who saw me. (that’s not entirely true I would have dove for a towel had a real handsome man shown up in his boat)

So ladies, would you have plastic surgery, botox or restylane? I would love to hear from our Male Energy on this topic too! Please remember that this photo has been photoshopped and my hairline was set back a tad!  lol


5 thoughts on “Real Women

  1. I, too, saw all the photos Teri Hatcher put up on facebook and was impressed with her candor. She does seem like a genuinely likable woman, one you’d easily want to hang out with and have a chat. I was in Vegas last week and my girlfriends and I noticed that the VERY pretty Marie Osmond had obviously had something done to her lips. It became the topic of conversation at several events because it was just so unnatural looking and it seemed she was having a hard time talking! Now, we all love Marie and know she’s been through the mill this past year so we’re not criticizing her at all… the conversation was more about her feeling the NEED to get her pretty pout done. We met her less than a year ago and she was STUNNING, natural lips and all.
    I like where you’ve gone with this Tracy. It’s about the whys and the thought process behind going for surgery. Why do some women feel they need to ‘correct’ a certain part? We do it with make up all the time, but surgery is different; it’s not about accentuating what you have. It’s about changing what you are.
    Would I do it. Certain things – yes – maybe- eventually. With someone really good. Not for a loooooooong time, though, and only if I suddenly come into a lot of extra cash. lol

  2. Never say never I say.
    But I seriously doubt I will ever do anything because I’m basically a big chicken and I’m afraid I would be the one that had a really bad reaction to a procedure. My fear is that I’d wake up and look like either Michael Jackson, Joan Rivers, Priscilla Presley or Kenny Rogers! Shiver!

    I’m open to changing little things like zapping away spider veins or lobbing off an unsightly mole but anything beyond that kind of scares me. 🙂

    • No can do Bon, let this picture be a warning of what might happen if you do dip your toe on the other side! lol If you want the creepies to disappear just look over at the Tara TV pic and I’m sure your creeps will disappear! Oh what was I thinkin….lol

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