Raise Your Hand If You Like SEx?

Raise your hand if you like Sex! Raise BOTH if you LOVE sex! Bonnie sit down! It’s amazing if you’re with the right partner. If you didn’t raise your hand maybe it’s your partner that’s all wrong? Did you just s-l-o-w-l-y look over at your partner? (lol) If you did maybe you need a new one. Okay that’s a bit drastic or unrealistic for those of you who are married. There are very few legitimate reasons for anyone to have a lousy sex life…in my opinion. All you need is a voice and the desire. We’re born with the equipment we need, how handy is that!

If your internal dialog is whisperingnot everyone likes sex” you’re right. We all know men think about sex more often than most women. (Bonnie sit down you’re distracting me!) 54% of men think about sex several times a day according to the Kinsey Institute. If you’re with the right person how could you not! Lust is a very strong and electric feeling that I think is missing out of a lot of relationships. I also think it should be a part of every healthy relationship. Lusting after your partner…just doesn’t get any better!

When you’re with the right person there is no better feeling in the world than intimate sex. I am really trying hard to think of one other thing in life that feels better…hold that thought I’ll get back to you on that! (insert cheeky grin here) Men are wired to want sex, it’s their job to procreate to further the human race. That’s a very important job with huge pressure I’m sure!

So many couples are part of the statistic of having little or no sex after marriage or commitment. Everyone jokes about sex going from ‘all the time’ before marriage to ‘once a month’ after the ring’s on the finger! It’s a joke for a reason…its reality. When you get married you promise to only have sex with your wife/husband for the r-e-s-t of  your l-i-f-e. (that alone is a tall order) It’s not fair if one of you holds out after you promise. If you don’t like sex to begin with you should be honest BEFORE you get married. Sexual manipulation ALWAYS comes back to bite you in the end! Just saying…

How come we don’t hear women saying they love sex with their partners any where near as much as we hear how they avoid it? They are comfortable admitting they avoid it but not comfortable saying they enjoy it? Backwards right? Granted some women are very private with their personal life which I respect. I don’t see why you wouldn’t want your girlfriends to know your man rocks your world…regularly! 🙂 It could be contagious!

Are you becoming a statistic? You don’t need to be. If you feel yourself edging toward being one you have time to turn the boat around! You just need to focus on that handsome man who walks through your door. The one who likes you, loves you…but hopefully lusts you! Wouldn’t you rather rip his cloths off than talk about the weather? Act now…talk later!

Life is about creating moments worthy of remembering forever. The trick is to have so many you can’t.

As for there being no better feeling…life is filled with them, seize them.

Thoughts become things…choose the good ones! (Notes from the Universe)

Here is a really funny video that was obviously made for a reason! Just saying…


5 thoughts on “Raise Your Hand If You Like SEx?

  1. Tracy,
    Unfortunately I don’t think many women have lust in their sex life. It gets lost between diapers, and running with you’re kids to school,sports ect.
    Its as much of a problem for men too. If you want lust in a relationship you have to work on it and it will happen. I have always maintain that good sex requires, love, respect,communication and taking the time out of your day to make it happen. Every couple needs time for each other to find and put lust back into their relationship. When they do they will be rewarded with pure and wildly exciting sex. Nobody should settle for less.

    • Jane,
      I think most women associate lust with having an affair in their marriage. They don’t look at their spouse in the same way anymore for the reasons you brought up. (mainly kids in my opinion)

      We all lose ourselves for a moment in time after we become Mothers, I know I did. Unfortunately our partners who made that possible for us are the ones who pay the price of losing our attention because in a Mothers eyes our children NEED us more than they do. Lets face it, it feels good to feel needed for some things in life, it is not a sign of weakness as I think a lot of men and women think it is.

      I think to keep lust in your relationship you have to take chances and be spontaneous. If you partner even slightly suggests to go fool around somewhere you don’t normally, just go with it and have the spontaneous experience instead of thinking too much. Act on your impulses, what’s the worst that can happen? The problem starts when your partner doesn’t feel the same and you start to feel insecure about taking those chances and don’t want to be turned down or rejected. Rejection sucks especially when it’s the man/woman you love or lust…or even like.

      Who doesn’t want wildly exciting sex? I will not settle for anything less! Just saying….

  2. When I think back on where we had sex while you kids were still living at home, it brings back so many good laughs and memories. I know you will never settle for less my dear girl.xo

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