Polo Anyone?

Polo Anyone? Pass the Nacho’s please ! For the Ladies and Gentlemen of Tara Cronica!

I don’t know about you but I feel Inspired to watch Polo, those horses were amazing!  No but seriously, didn’t Nacho Figueras make you want to tune into Black Watch Polo.  It is a sport that has it all, competition, speed, skill, royalty (Prince Henry of Wales, known as Prince Harry), crashing, horses and handsome men!!  Nacho Figueras & Prince Harry

It’s a sport that is all about Tradition, Soul and Beauty!  I’m just sayin…

Tracy signiture


6 thoughts on “Polo Anyone?

  1. Reading today’s blog brought back happy memories of our stay with the Williams family of Barbados. They are very BIG into polo-even have their own club. That was my first intro to polo and I agree it certainly has a magical power about it! Hmmm…is it the horses or the men?

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