One of My Many Aha Moments !


I was only 14 pages in when reading Marianne Williamson’s book ‘ The Age of Miracles Embracing The New Midlife, when I had an aha moment that I think about often and wanted to share with all of you.

Marianne wrote;

ONE DAY I LOOKED AT MYSELF in the mirror and indulged in full-scale self-pity.
Oh, I remember when I was young, I thought.  My skin was tighter, my breasts were higher, my rear was firmer, my entire body was voluptuous.  I had so much more energy, and I practically glowed.  I wish I had realized what I had when I had it…and now I’ll never have it again.
Then another voice in my head intervened.
“Oh, Marianne…,” it said, “shut up!  Let me give you a rundown of what it was like when you were younger.  Your nerves were jangled, your heart was restless, your mind was disordered, your appetites were addictive, your love affairs were tragic, your talents were squandered, your opportunities were wasted, and you were never at peace.
“What you did then, in fact, was exactly what you’re doing now: You kept thinking that if only things were different, you’d be happy.  Then it was whatever man or job or resources were there to save you; now it’s if only you were still young.  Reality check:   In those days , you looked good but you didn’t know it.  You had everything but you didn’t appreciate it.  You had the world at your feet but you didn’t realize it.
“ You know what it was like?  It was just like now!”  Thus began my recovery from “youth-itis”

I think that there is no better time than the present !!  I loved this book because it puts aging into perspective. It is a gift to finally be at a point in your  life where you can concentrate on making a difference in the world WHILE being comfortable FINALLY in the skin your in.  This made me reevaluate what I think is important in life.  I decided to do what I love and everything else would follow.  I started to live in the moment and live my life authentically.  I hope you do too after reading this.

TracyThe Age of Miracles

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  • Teri

    I think this is your best article yet!! Every thought you had while reading that book is so true and love you for having the insight to know it!! Its what makes me love you!
    We ARE in the now and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! Glad your with me!!


  • jacquie

    I always think if I were still young I’d miss all the fun of watching my family grow up and it puts it all into perspective. Life isn’t perfect but I’m happy where I’m at right now.
    : )

  • Rick

    Ahhh… Tracy,
    You have really got it ! There’s an intelligence level in the manner that you write that reveals itself every time you put your pen to paper ! Men should hear what your saying loud and clear as well here…… This article is for everyone that is experiencing ( maturity…… ) Like a bottle of wine…… If one is smart they realize “Now Is Best !” Young ladies have absolutely nothing on ( Mature Women ) and I feel the same could be said for men in most cases.
    You keep me reading………not to many writer’s can do that……. there’s a lot to be said about the attractive appeal of mature brain power……. and that is something you definitely have !

    Keep it going, Great work !

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