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Life History Media ~ telling the story of your life. “To forget one’s ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root” chinese proverb.

I have recently joined my friend Anna Ceraldi-Zin and company on a venture that will capture history and make it available for the next generation. No, I am not leaving Tara Cronica, I just can’t resist working along side inspiring, confident, independent women! I can do it all, just watch me!

Whether the history you want to document is Family, Personal, Couples, Tribute Life History or Corporate History, Life History Media can capture it in a high quality format that will last for generations. The professional, broadcast quality HD documentaries are similar to those on The Biography Channel but with your history as the one featured!

I felt honoured that Anna even thought of me when this opportunity was created. To give you a little ‘history’ on how Anna and I are connected, Bonnie and I went to high school with Anna, we were and still are best friends! We have stayed in touch over the years, Anna mostly living back East having pursued a Journalism career which was extremely successful and has made her life very interesting to say the least! Anna has always been know to tell a colourful, captivating story so this venture suits who she is to a ‘T’! Anna is a very motivated and driven woman whom I have admired and been inspired by since we met. Her independence and strong will have made her not only a great Mother and role model for her daughter, but has shown that you can have both a family and follow your dreams balancing the two along the way! Anna is a life long friend whom I look forward to joining on this interesting journey. I am very excited to start out on yet another path in life with someone I admire and respect as much as her. Cheers Bella, here’s to making and documenting some history!

Take a moment to check out Life History Media’s website, where you will find all the details needed to turn your family photo’s and stories into a lasting legacy! If you are interested in having your legacy captured contact one of us at Life History Media and we would be happy to make it happen~

Life History Media Ltd


6 thoughts on “Life History Media Ltd

  1. You go, girl. 🙂 You can do it all and you are great at it. You’d love the hours of audio footage I have with my grandfather. I am going to get an HD vid camera soon to get some footage of him telling some of those great stories.

    Related to the titled of the book above (Womanpreneurs),I have set up an account for my girls on a site called Sellaband, which promotes indie music. Under their account, I invest in female musicians or female-led bands. When these woman reach their funding goals, they will use those funds to create a studio album, and my girls will get copies of these works of art. I have recieved a couple so far, with nice little notes from the musicians. As well, I save emails they send me, directed at them in an email account I also set up for them. I send them messages too and have a box I keep inspiration messages in for them as well. I don’t want them to be held back by fear as their daddy was for so long. They are going to be strong, confident, woman with the world in their hands.

    Reading Jacquies post below and now yours, I think now that by the time they are old enough, the meaning behind the Sellaband project will (or hopefully will), be a moot point. It already sort of is as woman do everything now and in many ways, are better at it all than men. I seem like I am looking for brownie points with you ladies here but I am not. I mean it and I want my girls to know that as well.

    ‘You can do anything your hearts desire girls.’

    I think there is a reason naure gifted me with two beautiful little girls.

    I am going to check that site out now, Tracy. I have transferred some of those old audio recordings to mp’s. Perhaps I’ll send you one to listen to over a glass of wine. You really feel like you are Europe in the 40’s with death all around you listening to some of this footage. Some of it is inspiring, some heartbreaking, some funny. I wish I could tell a story like my grandfather can. And the memory. Wow.

    Sorry, I ramble. 🙁

    • Thanks for the support as usual Lawrence, I always look forward to challenging myself. Make sure you do the video of your Grandfather, he is very special to you and that would be incredible to have! DO IT! You are such a great DAD and your daughters are very lucky to have you thinking ahead for their future! Love that you encourage them so much as young girls, and as they grow up into beautiful women they will remember all of your words. I also tell my daughter that she just needs a dream and it will come true with the right attitude and hard work. If your passionate it will find you if you are aware and open to it! Thanks again for all your support! T xo

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