Inspiration is All Around Us!

I was inspired by Bonnie and John while visiting them in Vernon last week. It’s so obvious when you’re in their presence that they’re still so in-love. I found myself smiling each time I caught them having a moment. It’s awesome to see your best friend happily married to a great man that you absolutely love! They are definitely not edging towards a statistic in their marriage. You can see in their eyes that they appreciate the time they have together. Seizing moments and making each one count. Love is inspiring!

l am inspired by a friend of mine Ryan. I posted about his blog a couple of times when he took an adventure to Africa to become a Safari Guide. Ryan in Africa. He lives life on the edge…his edge, which is much different from everyone else’s! He has such a thirst for life that never quite gets quenched. He’s definitely living while he’s alive! When you’re in his company you can’t help but want to touch him in hopes that his infectious attitude rubs off on you, even just a little bit! He said he “lives life with no fear, apologizes for nothing, doesn’t regret his mistakes, learns from them because sometimes his mistakes produce the best results!” That’s inspiring! Love the man and can’t wait to see where his next adventure takes him. Ryan inspires me!

I am inspired by my friend Kirk who I admire for leaving a great career in special effects in the film industry for music. He followed his passion for music making a career out of it. Sound Lounge Productions a recording studio was born from Kirk following his dream. He took a chance in life that not many would have had the courage to do. Kirk spends his day with creative souls who also have a dream that he helps them reach, how sweet is that! Check out Kirks band SWANK, you’ll love them! He is living proof that if you believe in yourself, work hard and do what you love…they will come! Kirk inspires me continually! He was kind enough to take time out of his busy day to show my kids and I around his studio, it was awesome! His tools are drums, guitars and lots of fun buttons how fun is that! You choice is looking good on ya Kirk! Thank you for the music lesson we loved it immensely! Following your dream is inspiring!

So if you take the time to open your eyes there truly is inspiration all around you! These are just a few things that caught my eye last week. Inspiration comes in so many different forms…what inspires you? Care to share some inspiration with us? Inspiration moves us in the right direction…

I saw this posted on Facebook. It basically summed it up for me and although you may have seen it, it is something you couldn’t possibly read too many times.

Svaha ~


5 thoughts on “Inspiration is All Around Us!

  1. What a nice post. You have inspired me in many ways since the day we met and continue to inspire me now too.
    It is so true that if you take the time to look around, there is inspiration everywhere. Sometimes we get pinched off from it and don’t recognize it but it’s always there.
    I really love that poster and wish I knew where to get myself a copy… and a bunch to give to my friends and family too.
    Thanks for sharing this with us today Trace!
    Svaha! xo

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning me in this article… you are a great friend. I have to agree with Bonnie, you too are an inspiration, and your smile is infectious. I had a great time playing music with you and your kids…. you are invited to drop by again anytime! The door is always open for you and your kids to make as much noise as you want! (I think Jesse wants a drum kit now) The way I try to view life, as I grow older, is to savour as much as I can…. play a lot and laugh. Things that I notice that you also do.

    Keep smiling Tracy, and thank you once again!

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