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tracy-pic3If you could describe each family members in one word what would it be? I decided to play this word game while on a short road trip with my family to see what we would come up. I asked each person to choose one word to describe the others.  Instantly without even a pause my 8 year old daughter piped up and said, “I got one”.  I told her she needed to think about it a little bit longer lol ! Looking back I wished I had asked to hear the word she chose without hesitation. As we drove I could tell each one of us was contemplating which word described the others. Here is how it all turned out~

My son was said to be athletic by his sister, intelligent by me and spontaneous by his dad. My sons beautiful big brown eyes lit up as he smiled when each of us said what we personally thought of him, athletic, spontaneous and intelligent. FANTASTIC !

My daughter was described as being unique by her brother, caring by her dad and compassionate by me which made her shine. Her face looked like it was her birthday for the rest of the car ride knowing she was described as unique, caring and compassionate.

Scott was described by my son as being helpful, he was fun as far as my daughter was concerned and the word that I chose was honest. What a great feeling to be thought of as helpful, fun and honest!

And last but not least I was said to be inspiring by my son, amazing by my daughter and loving by Scott. Now if that doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy inside AND put a smile on your face that shines right through from your heart I don’t know what will!

As we drove the rest of the way you could tell we had all bonded a little bit more from a simple word game. You really should try it, it changed our attitudes for the rest of the day!!

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  • jacquie

    This is one of the most inspirational ideas for families I’ve heard in a long time! I tip my ‘best mom in the world’ cap to you!

    You should be on Oprah along with Peter Walsh talking about ways to reconnect the family (last Tuesday show)

    If my kids insisted on fighting in the car (you know, that “he touched me” crap) I made them hug at every red light. If they didn’t, the car wouldn’t advance once it turned green and we’d all get honked. They always wound up hugging and laughing after a few red lights. I probably ticked off some other drivers , though. Your game sounds better for everyone on the road!

    • Tracy Westerholm

      I LOVE that idea, hugging always makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy !!! When the kids didn’t used to get along I used to threaten “daycare” (I was an at home mom) so I’ve come along way lol ! They knew I wouldn’t send them it was a joke but it made them appreciate that we were all home together… I think! Who am I kidding my kids are going to need therapy for sure when they are older ! JOKING !! giggle giggle

    • Janet

      Oh yours sounds fun too! We watched the reconnecting family too. It’s amazing how much time you can lose. My kids saw the disconnect too. Which I thought was good, seeing as we watch too much t.v., are on the computers too much as well. A few months ago, we implemented a new cut off time for the t.v./computer, etc, and weekly game nights, which I guess is a start.

      • Tracy Westerholm

        Janet just the fact that you are aware is a great start ! I know I get obsessed with writing and recently gave myself a new rule, when the kids are in school it’s fine as soon as they come home until they are in bed it’s off…well sleeping. Then I get my flow back around 9 pm. Family time is the most important part of my day!

  • Bonnie Johnson

    I too think it’s a great idea, but I’m imagining me as a child playing this with my family on a road trip and I know for sure the descriptions would not have been positive. Dad: argumentative Mom: bitchy Brother: trouble
    Ha ha! So perhaps this is not advised for all families!

  • Rick

    I agree with Bonnie…. only with my own children. Those are not the words they would use to describe each other I’m sure. Even though I know how very much they love and protect each other.
    You have a wonderful attitude regarding your family particularly your children. I admire all the things you say about them, and I have seen you called Super Mom several times in the last few years.
    Same as Bonnie’s comments and attitude regarding her wonderful husband John. Who by the way sounds like the most ( Real Man ) I’ve heard of.
    May I suggest that you three awesome Tara Gals write regular article’s on how to be better parents and spouses …. ?

    I get so much from you gals ! Thank – You !

    Sincerely, Rick.

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