I Couldn’t Resist ‘Pink’ and Cosmo!

There I was this morning standing in the grocery line up buying snacks I could do without, when this months Cosmo cover caught my eye. I was instantly distracted like a child by something shiny. My inner voice said “oooooo Pink. I LOVE Alecia Beth Moore! She exudes self confidence. After watching her perform ‘Glitter in the Air’ at the Grammy’s I think she singlehandedly brought sexy to a new level! The audience watched in awe as Pinks holy water showered down on them. I don’t think one person cared if their designer outfit got sprayed because they were so caught up in the moment! I was blown away with her all-or-nothing risk taking personality! She NEVER lip syncs, doesn’t believe in it, she’s the real deal! Love this woman’s voice, so raw, sexy and powerful, yet sometimes she sounds so vulnerable. Her interview was awesome! She is continually pushing the envelope, sometimes she even opens it up and peeks inside!

I am getting off track, I bought Cosmo but admit I was a little embarrassed as I reached for it, I usually get More Magazine for Women in their 40’s because, well I am in my 40’s. Cosmo grabbed my attention first because of Pink and second because of the headlines of what was inside! I don’t know what I was thinking I haven’t got time to sit and lolly-gag reading Cosmo but I guess that’s why they market it like they do, for women like me who can’t help themselves! Seriously, I still haven’t read my subscription of Martha Stewart Magazine from 10 years ago. And I have a new one for Women’s Health I’ve yet to get through! Can anyone relate?

Here are the Headlines that even I couldn’t resist!

* 75 Sex Tips From Guys ( Sizzling, Sinful, and Surprising Things They’re Craving Now) ~  Can you say HOT, and there are 75 of them!

* Stuck in Neutral (Gutsy Little Moves That Will Make Your Life Awesome) ~ Basically start saying “Yes” when you would normally have said “No” Sounds like a plan to me! It’s always good to do something out of your ordinary. Get out of your comfort zone for even just a day!

* Girl Traits No Man Can Resist ~ Leave something to the imagination! Love this advice!

*Orgasm Guaranteed (This Simple Mind Trick Takes You From “Almost” There to There!)~ I’ll cut to the chase on this one, climaxing just by thinking! The mind is a powerful tool, so basically thinking about what color you want to change the bedroom to while your making whoopee with your significant other is NOT what you should be doing. If you actually think about what you are doing as apposed to what you will be doing at a later date (living in the moment) you will get you there a lot quicker. For most women climaxing without touch is difficult but worth a try if you ask me!

*100 Facts Your Gyno Should Have Told You ~ There was a lot of great info in this article, but nothing suitable for Tara, you will have to pick up a copy of Cosmo for this one!

When I buy a magazine I usually flip through it quick to see what’s inside, look at pictures, and then after I see what the content is I start to read the articles that grab my attention first. It’s been awhile since I have picked up a Cosmo (my twenties) but I have to say it definitely grabbed my attention and had interesting content to back it up! Mostly oriented around Sex but hey what’s wrong with that!

For those who would like to watch “Glitter in the Air” here you are…enjoy ~


7 thoughts on “I Couldn’t Resist ‘Pink’ and Cosmo!

  1. I love Pink! I had heard she wanted to recreate an exact experience from one of her shows for the Grammy performance and that’s what she did with the acrobatics. It’s a beautiful song and really fits with the ‘out there-ness’ of the act. It’s about taking chances in life. Some performers add theatrics just for the shock value, but Pink thinks things through and has a reason for everything she does. She is the real deal, I agree.

  2. I think Pink is an amazing and talented performer. I love her!

    I found a Cosmo magazine in my stocking last Christmas and tried to read it through. I say tried because I found I couldn’t relate to anything in it. It was all about stuff that I had already learned a long time ago. It may have just been that particular issue but I do think the magazine is geared more towards women in their twenties. It can be fun to re-visit articles like those though and the one you picked up had some interesting ones for sure.

    Tracy, remember the Australian Cosmo magazines that always had a bare bummed Aussie guy centerfold. I collected many of those!

  3. I loved the Grammy performance, by far that was the best of the night. I like the lyrics of the song and the sound of her voice is just breathtaking. She is such a strong individual and sings/talks about serious issues that are in everyday society. One example of a song of Pinks that stands out the most for me is “Dear Mr President.” She addresses problems in society that are still not being met and things that need to be fixed.

    She isnt afraid to speak her mind and that is pretty damn sexy, if you do ask me!

    Lyrics found here:

  4. WoW ! Breath taking ….. very sexy in a possitive, beautiful way !

    Confidence in women is extreamly attractive ! Soft , Gentle Confidence ….. That’s what the Tara Gals Have Too !

    Well Done Tracy , thanks for this, I didn’t get to see it. What an amazing performance !

    Wow Again !

  5. “Get out of your comfort zone for even just a day!” Hmmm…sounds like a certian song sung by a certain someone who will not share said song with the world of someones. 🙂

    Wow, sounds like a steamy edition of Cosmo. lol I too have a few mags I have bought, but never read – simply because of the cover or one story that caught my eye. I am bad for that. Too many things distract us from when we buy certain things, to when we get home.

    Can’t say I have listened to much Pink, but I will later on. Because of the new Video bar above/left, I found myself casually watching this the past hour or so. Very interesting video to say the least.


    Speaking of distraction, Jacquie. Brutal. Squirrel!

  6. No song lyrics but maybe you will write a song with them? You don’t listen to PINK??? You need to start, she is fabulous! Did you at least laugh at the video above/left? lol, will go check out your link now. 🙂

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