“Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god?”

There are three answers to that question in my mind…YES!”, “It depends”, or “NO!” Okay, minus the ‘so help you god part’, a little extreme for most of us, and it’s not always necessary to be 100% honest, because lets face it sometimes the truth hurts. Depends was my answer, because I like the word and honestly I’m months away from wearing them full time if my life continues to be this much fun! Well maybe just on the trampoline…

~Honesty; the quality of being honest.

~Honest; free of deceit and untruthfulness, sincere, morally correct and virtuous. How honest are you? In order to be completely honest you also have to be comfortable with hearing the truth. Not everyone is comfortable hearing the truth, some like the sugar coating because it’s more easily digested. I personally prefer the truth as raw as it can be spoken.

~Trust; firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. I think before most of us feel comfortable with being completely honest we need trust. Not everyone has good intention, and so we also need to trust our own intuition as well. When you have trust with someone honesty comes naturally. There is nothing worse than finding out someone was not honest with you, you lose trust which is the foundation to any strong long lasting relationship. Having said that, everyone makes mistakes and as long as they right their wrong, in some cases we are able to regain a certain level of trust, which can lead us back down the road to honesty. We are human after all. Learning from our past mistakes is a valuable part of growth, it’s simply best to be honest.

Honesty is a quality I admire. It takes courage to be honest. Being honest doesn’t always give you the result you hope for but you empower the person you are honest with allowing them to react in a way that they feel comfortable. I love when someone can be completely honest with me about anything. You know where you stand with someone when they are honest with you, for me that is important. It allows me to be my authentic self more openly and easily.

I try to be 100% honest with most people in my life, if you ask me a question straight up I will be as honest as I can be…depending on the situation. (that’s why depends was my answer) I am an open book for the most part. I do have my secrets and skeletons like everyone and there are some doozies let me tell you but some things are simply none of your business to be completely honest 🙂

When you meet men or women who are honest right from the start it breaks down walls that otherwise could take years to remove. I love the honesty that has been in my life and I admire those who are courageous enough to speak the truth.

I have met some very honest people lately which inspired this post and I admire them for speaking the truth. You know who you are.

“The Truth Shall Set You Free”…so they say! Now go be freeeee!


9 thoughts on “Honestly?

  1. Absolutely! Honesty is the foundation of any good relationship for sure.

    Now, tell me, does my ass look fat in these jeans?

    Then there is “brutally” honest. I don’t know if I want that much honesty all the time. 😉

  2. I liked your article very much Tracy. I agree trust is critical, without it honesty has no meaning really. Tact, is also important which you clearly described with the use of ‘depends’. And lastly, a little mystery is vital to ensure we always have that spark of intrigue to keep us loveable.

  3. Hi Tracy,
    Just read your post. Honesty is soooo important in a relationship and so is truth, but I agree about the ‘depends’ answer to your question.

    I haven’t been online for a couple of weeks and only just popped in for a minute yesterday. Honestly, I’m feeling really drained emotionally with everything going on at home and haven’t felt like sharing with the world. It’s confusing. I wish I could explain it better. I haven’t felt like being totally honest and so have kept quiet as a result. Not good, I know.

    • We obviously need to reconnect as I was under the impression you were off galavanting with girlfriends giggling and having too much fun be touch base with Tara…
      Sorry to hear you are feeling drained emotionally with life at home 🙁
      I’m sick in bed with a horrible head cold and can’t see my eyes are so sore and red…not a good visual so if you want to Skype the answer is NO! lol

      I hope things get better soon Jake, I will send you some bright white light that hopefully gives you some energy and love <3

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