Happy Earth Day 2009!

Walt Disney Studios will celebrate Earth Day 2009 with the debut of Earth, the first feature-length nature documentary from its new production banner, Disneynature.

I will be joining my son and his class today to watch this much anticipated Disney film “Earth” while also learning about Earth Day.  This new film is from award-winning British producer/director Alastair Fothergill, whose credits include the Emmy and Peabody award-winning “Planet Earth” series (BBC and The Discovery Channel) and The Blue Planet. I have added all of them to my DVD library as they’re worth watching over and over again.  The film will be narrated by renowned actor James Earl Jones.   Who doesn’t love this man’s voice!

Help raise awareness and do your part to help our planet.  Earth Day Canada has some great resources.  Check out the link below!


I was just checking out Jack Johnson on facebook and came across a site called Earth Day Playlist ideal bite.

In honor of Earth Day 2009 Ideal Bite and iTunes teamed up to make an eco-friendly playlist of some of their Favorite tracks from green artists. Perfect for any Earth Day celebration! There is no denying that these musicians have done good things for our ears and our planet: touring in biodiesel buses, promoting green causes, and walking the eco-walk in their own lives. Jack’s song, “Flake”, is included on the playlist!


"Exploring the never-ending desires that fuel all life, while finding lyrical beauty in everyday happenings."


  • Maggie

    Awesome post Tracy! I am joining my daughter for the movie as well. Sometimes we really need to introspect into the deeper realm of life on earth, then daily minor surface problems begin to appear insignificant. Today the bigger picture will take on significance.

  • jacquie

    I just heard yesterday that Blue whales were recently spotted in the Pacific off the coast of BC.

    Never heard of green artists before. That’s so cool! I’ll be checking that out.
    Have fun at the school today!

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