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Love Stories are my favourite type of movie, go figure! The Notebook…ahhh, a classic example! The next best thing, Romantic Comedies. I just spent the entire weekend in romantic bliss with my new boyfriend wrapped up in the sheets of my bed watching one romantic movie after another…we barely took a breather all weekend! (love story)…and then he farted! (romantic comedy) lol

Okay, better yet it was my daughter watching one romantic movie after another with me! We had the best time EVER watching pretty people fall in love whilst we savoured Tiramisu and Cheese Cake with no guilt what-so-ever! As for the boyfriend…ah ya no.

Friday night is movie night in my house, I love the escape that movies provide. When it’s my choice, romance wins almost every time. One thing they all seem to have in common is no one ends up with the person you think they are going to at the beginning. What I love about them is everyone always seems to follow their heart. But is that real life? I question that. I think most people would like to follow their heart but don’t. As cheesy as love stories are, I love them for giving humanity hope that it can happen if you do follow your heart.

Love not only brings great joy to our lives but sorrow as well. Love can be a gamble that not everyone is willing to take. But is the alternative really worth it? To not give your heart for worry of it being broken? Love is about chances and risk, it’s emotional and exciting. It’s about those magical feelings you share with someone that makes your head spin. I think taking the chance of having your heart broken for love is always worth it.

Follow your heart and it will lead you to where your meant to be!


7 thoughts on “Follow Your Heart ~

  1. Hmm. Almost sounds like you are speaking to someone in particular out there (especially the last paragraph πŸ˜‰ )
    The Notebook…ah…best love story ever!
    I love that you chose the picture from Princess Bride. That has been one of my favourite movies since it came out. I still love it and laugh all the way through it. My son loves it too although he may not admit it anymore. I’m going to look for it today so I can watch it again! (I’m ridiculously swayed by suggestion)

  2. Beatufiul as always. Never seen Princess Bride – at least I don’t think I have? I own quite a collection of romantic movies. The Notebook is a classic for sure but one of my favs is 50 First Dates. Adam Sandler movies do have their moments of ‘was that really needed – enter the chinese guy in 50 First Dates. His first line or two is funny, and then well, the ‘humor’ goes to far. But Drew Barrymore plays a great role of the beautiful ‘new day, new mind’ character. Imagine falling in love all over again every day, and knowing that someone is putting everything into their being to make you fall in love with them all over again every day! Could that situation ever really become a reality? Not sure, but what a beautiful story none the less.

    Letters to Julia is a recent flick I thoroughly enjoyed.

    • I love 50 First Dates….the end gets me every time. I know it’s just a movie, but what Adam Sandler’s character does…all in the name of love..ahhh, I think I’ll have to watch it again. As well as the Princess Bride.

  3. I’ll have to try the Princess Bride again. I didn’t get it the first time. I believe a lot of how you feel about a movie depends on what you’re feeling at the time. I love good psychological mysteries like Shutter Island and The Sixth Sense right now. I haven’t seen a really well done love story in ages! Send me examples so I can rent some!

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