Explore All Your Senses…

I see you ~ Have you ever met someone who sees you clearer than any other human being on the planet…including yourself.  It can be your best friend, parent, lover or partner. Seeing someones true self is a very intimate connection, that takes time. Not everyone is an open book or easily read which makes it harder, and not everyone is able or wants to expose their true self to others. Every now and then we meet that special person who sees right past our exterior to the juicy centre of who we truly are. When someone does see you for who you are, it makes you accountable to yourself. They become your second conscience. These unique human beings make us want to be better people.

I hear you ~ We all want our voice to be heard. In order to hear you must listen. Listening is the key to any good relationship in my eyes. Listening is learning and learning is what life is all about. Listen, learn, understand and accept the words you hear. Be open.

I feel you ~ When you open yourself to those around you, you become in-tune with their energy. Energy from a connection with another human being can be felt without even touching the surface of our skin. I feel you is more than physical.

Touching without words can be one of the most sensual forms of communicating. Human touch bonds us, heals us and releases endorphins more powerful than morphine. It can be a simple touch of the arm or a powerful embrace with someone we feel a strong connection to.

I taste you ~ Taste can be bitter, sweet, savoury or salty. Each of us has all those elements waiting to be shared.

I breathe you ~ Scent of the skin, a subtle fragrance, aromatherapy. Pheromones working their magic can be exhilarating. Each individual has their own unique scent that no other can replicate. The essence of who you are is within your skin.

Sixth sense ~ Intuition is what speaks to us when our other senses are clouded by circumstance…or life for that matter. Instinct can be so strong it can’t be ignored or just an whisper that brushes lightly by our skin. It’s the one thing in life you can trust if you open yourself to it.

We forget to open all of our senses to the world around us. If we do I think we experience life on an entirely different level. See, hear, feel, taste and breath in each day to live life to its fullest. 


"Exploring the never-ending desires that fuel all life, while finding lyrical beauty in everyday happenings."


  • jacquie

    Only yesterday a girlfriend told me of a quote by writer Anne Lamott that went like this;

    “We are not here to see through one another, but to see one another through.”

    It means that it isn’t our job in life to try to figure out (or understand) everyone we meet, but instead strive to be a good person and show support and offer help, or just be there for others on this journey.
    I really like this quote because it takes the pressure off trying to ‘get’ everyone. Sometimes that can be way too much work! If we all just do our best to be supportive and uplifting then that’s mainly what’s required of us.
    I think we try to do that here on TaraCronica : )
    Mwah, Tracy

    • Tracy Westerholm

      I love that quote Jacquie!

      And yes I agree we are not here to ‘get’ everyone who crosses our path or walks through our door, but to accept and embrace them for who they are for however long they stay in our lives.

      I do believe though there are certain people who enter our lives who just naturally ‘see’ us for who we are over time and in some cases there is an unknown connection that can’t be explained that happens immediately. Mwah xoxoxo

    • Tracy Westerholm

      It is the PERFECT photo isn’t it Bon! I had it in my files because when I saw it I knew I would use it one day. Google the five senses and see what I had to choose from…yuck, so I was happy I had it!
      P.S ~ thanks for helping me with my Feb header this morning…that’s team work! xo

  • Lawrence

    I thought of a new name for this month this morning when I realized for the first time that it was February already – Romanturary.

    Ah yes, it’s our lady Valentine’s birthday month. 🙂

    Great piece and I agree wholeheartedly – the perfect photo and an intriguing one at that.

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