Earth Day Alert ~ April 22 !

Earth Day is tomorrow! What are you doing to make a difference? Even the small changes add up to big ones if everyone takes part in keeping our Earth alive! It’s a conversation we need to have with one another. Everyone should be held accountable for making change, it’s not that difficult. Basic changes make a difference: Recycle, Reuse, Turning out the lights, No idling at school pick up, trains or long line ups! We all know what to do but every now and then we need a reminder...THIS IS YOUR REMINDER!

If your interested in more information so you can make a difference check out Earth Day Canada, lots of great info for adults and kids! You have the rest of the day to think about how you can make choices that will keep our Earth rotating! If you have any bright ideas you’d like to share with everyone just leave them in the comment section below! It’s all about being aware.

Happy Earth Day!

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  • Samantha Mattersdorfer

    Something that I do to help the Earth is not flushing meds down the toliet. ALWAYS take them back to the pharmacy be cause they know how to depose of them properly. My mom takes them back so that we dont harm the sea creatures.

  • Tracy Westerholm

    Good point Sam, I never even thought of that!! I always cut up those plastic bottle holders so the little fishes don’t get caught but I never even thought we might be medicating the entire fish population with our meds we forget to take!!

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