“You don’t stop doing things cause you Grow Old,”

You Grow Old cause you stop doing things.” ~ I wrote about Body Image and since then I have been getting messages from the Universe to STOP with the negative thoughts that seem to be deep within my DNA. This is what you can do, if you change your perception, you will see by this inspiring video! Thanks for sharing it with me Mom!

My ‘Gusto Post Card’ was my first message: (inspiring postcards sent to you via email each day when you sign up)

” You know how wise people reach a certain point in their lives and realize it actually doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of them? They just sort of grow beyond caring about that, and they start caring a lot more about what they think of themselves? And then they decide they’re going to do what they want to do and be who they want to be and live their lives as they see fit and love every second of it? Well, that wise person lives inside of you. Let that certain pivotal point in your life be today. Your number-one fan, Gusto  And oh…Be you. Live Fearlessly!

My 8 year old daughter is a dancer in competitions, perhaps one day she too will dance with her young grandson!

"Exploring the never-ending desires that fuel all life, while finding lyrical beauty in everyday happenings."


  • Rick

    YES ! Tracy ….. That was so cool !
    I have times were I’m in the gym and the young guys look over at me and shake their heads. I’ve even heard some say ” look at the old guy…. ” It bothered me for a while , that was a few years ago now , mostly due to the fact that a young guy actually walked up to me and said ” how old are you ? ” I wasn’t sure how to take it at first …. but I answered ” headed for 50 ” He then said ” man , I hope I look like you and can still do this when I’m headed for 50. It was a Great feeling.
    You are so right , ” We get old because we stop doing things ”
    You inspire me and I am grateful to you and this site. Bonnie , Jacquie and yourself help me to want even more to chase my dreams and continue to make positive changes in my life. I thank you all !

    Keep Up The Great Work !

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