Do They Know it’s Christmas Time At All?

TracyThey’ve done it again!  Band Aid 20 has released the New version of “Do They Know it’s Christmas Time At All”, this year written by Bob Geldof and Midged Ure on Mercury Records.  Band Aid has a who’s who of contemporary British Rock, Pop, R & B and Urban Music.   Bono, Paul McCartney, Keane, The Sugarbabes, Dido, Robbie Williams, Chris Martin, Snow Patrol, to name a few have contributed to this wonderful arrangement!  You can see the list in it’s entirety if you go to the Band Aid20 link.  There is the record but also a DVD which is a “behind the scenes” look at the making of the charity single.

50 % of Africans are children and most of these children go to bed each night hungry which is intolerable.  It’s doesn’t matter what you give as long as you do.  Time, money, guidance, it all helps to make the world a better place!

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5 thoughts on “Do They Know it’s Christmas Time At All?

  1. I just watched the video again…. and tears are running down my face…. heartbreaking, to say the least.
    If everyone in the world who have more than they need…. gave to someone who had less than they need…. we would run out of people in need.

    Please go to your food banks and give…. it is our responsibly as we are Blessed with more than we need. My prayer’s go out to ALL those in need as I go to the local food bank tonight, and look for ( RED ) items to buy.
    If you can act upon giving today and everyday…. It’s never to late !

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