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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Chemistry”.  If it’s your high school Periodic table of the Elements, then we’re not on the same page, but keep reading because it feels like being back in high school, when you do have it.

It’s that feeling you get when you look into someones eyes that you are extremely attracted to for the very first time.  That intense and inexplicable feelings of sexual attraction when the person you desire is nearby.  It’s electric, overwhelming even, which makes you think of nothing else but sensual, erotic thoughts involving the other person.  It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s out of this world!!  You can’t ignore it,  if you do,  it will drive you crazy.

The only feeling that has even comes close for me was a helicopter ride for the first time.  It was such an adrenaline rush all I could say the entire time we were in the air was “Oh My God!”  What a feeling!

Scientific research has shown that pheromones can play a huge role in sexual chemistry.   Pheromones are subconscious sex signals that the body gives off to attract the opposite sex.  These invisible airborne molecules are thought to influence one’s emotions and sexual behavior.

You can’t make chemistry happen, it’s either there or it’s not.  It’s a basic instinct that you can’t control, so why not embrace it for what it is, an energy felt between two people that makes you feel alive and youthful.

Chemistry leads you down a path that can not be easily changed.  If you do follow this path, in most cases it leads you right to the beChemistry between the sheetsdroom.  If you feel this chemistry with a certain someone outside of the bedroom chances are it will also be felt when your between the sheets.

The major difference between how men and women feel about this phenomenon is that men seem to be able to have great sex without such sexual chemistry, while women seemingly cannot.  Have you ever felt this incredible energy with someone?



8 thoughts on “Chemistry…

  1. Great piece. I also love the pictures. Very sensual and playfull.

    It truly is a great feeling. Like you said, it’s hard for any other feeling or activity to even come close to the sensations of euphoria.

  2. Question…did you get the name of that helicopter and can you introduce me? ; )

    Fun post, but only one thing I’d challenge. I think men need to feel chemistry in order to have ‘great’ sex, too. Please debate me if you disagree! It’s just my opinion.
    There’s no denying the incredible euphoria of physical attraction and chemistry. It’s what keeps our species going and in many cases rules our lives if we let it. It’s why movies are made and novels are written and songs are sung.
    Gotta love it!
    Thanks T!

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more Jacquie, I think I would be able to tell when being intimate with a man if he was feeling the same chemistry I was…I can’t imagine him not ! lol
    Well now that I am all hot and bothered at just the thought of being intimate I will go back to reality and make lunch for the kids….

  4. …Chem class started in Grade 7 with a spinning bottle in a tree house with 3 beautiful girls… Three wonderful first kisses I have never forgotten… Some chemistry is so fleeting and rare… It creates joy to believe I can still feel it…
    KMG…. Kiss Me Gently… she said.

  5. Wow, the memories of a time that you met someone where you actually saw fireworks, no I mean Real Fireworks…… does it happen more than once ? Possible I suppose….. The days when all you could think about was the split second that your eye’s met briefly and that’s all it took ! Your entire being was lost in her for what would feel like an eternity. You would know she was in the room prior to actually seeing her. To brush against her as you passed by and the scent of her would linger for days and weeks and months for that matter. All you could think about was the day that you would possibly be with her. You can’t function….. every thought with every passing moment is about her and only her….. you can’t focus on anything without your thoughts immediately racing back to her beauty, her smile, the way she moves, and the slow motion picture in your head of her eye lashes touching together and re – opening to reveal her beautiful eye’s that set your heart ablaze. Just the thought of holding her hand could occupy your mind for hours……. ya, chemistry…… ya, I remember……

    Nice read Trac ! Warms The Heart !

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