Casey Douglas Adkins ~ May 14 1981-Dec 28 2009

tracy-pic3I attended the funeral service for my second cousin Casey Douglas Adkins on Monday and was moved for many different reasons. I reconnected with my extended family on my mother’s side after years of not keeping in touch.

When I first saw my cousin Dee, Casey’s mom, her voice sent me back to my childhood, it brought me comfort hearing her soft familiar words. In a split second after hearing Dee’s voice, the time that had passed was gone. Doug, Casey’s dad stood tall and was the strength of the family, just as I remembered. Corey, Casey’s brother had the same strength, he too was a father to a young 6 year old boy who looked just like him.

Casey Douglas AdkinsTo lose your son at any age would be unbearable, Casey lost his life at 28 years old, it was an accident.  I hadn’t seen Casey since he was very young, but after hearing the tributes from his close circle of friends, I felt as though I had a real sense of who he had become. I had some regret for the first time in my life. I had not been a part of someone’s life whom I was classified as family. I sat feeling a sense of guilt that I had a seat in the “reserved family” section where any one of his friends should have been sitting.

When Casey’s close friends stood strong and spoke of their friend, it reminded me that there really are a lot of good solid people out there, we just haven’t met them yet. The voices of these young men who articulated their personal memories of Casey so vividly, have just started to live their lives; Stuart, Josh and Michael to name a few spoke from their hearts and brought tears and laughter to everyone sitting speechless.

Family shouldn’t just get together for weddings and funerals, we are connected and we miss out by not doing so. The passing of Casey is a tragic reminder of how life can be cut short. Casey was a soul who brightened every life he was a part of. He was known for his contagious smile, loud sneeze, athletics and great attitude towards pretty much everything.  He will be greatly missed.

Life sometimes throws us challenges that make us all become more aware of what is most important, family, friends, health, attitude and moral fiber. It’s how we decide to deal with these challenges that counts.

So although I personally didn’t know Casey as well as others, in the end he touched my life as well by making me more aware of how important it is to live life with no regret, stay connected with those you love and face life’s challenges with a positive attitude. Tracy signiture


5 thoughts on “Casey Douglas Adkins ~ May 14 1981-Dec 28 2009

  1. Good morning Tracy 🙂

    Sorry to hear about your loss. I just said a prayer for all the people that will miss Casey. On a positive note I thank – you for reminding us this morning how precious every day of our lives are. We take so much for granted. Casey obviously was a very special person. It brings to mind the question ” How Do We Want To Be Remembered ? ” If We think about that more often we will be better people, and continue to seek change for the better in our lives. It’s not about what we did in our life time …. but rather ( what we did for others in our life time )
    I think that having some regrets ( small ones ) may be healthy…. it causes us to reflect …. and make positive change. As per always that’s only my opinion.
    Thank you for sharing, for being a difference maker, for saying it like it is.

    Thank – You Tara Gals for the opportunity to read your thoughts & opinions !


  2. After listening to all the wonderful stories about Casey from his friends and older brother I too felt that same guilt along with other members of our family sitting in the “reserved family row” Casey was my nephew and Dee my sister. At times families grow distant and before you know it so much time is lost. I do however take great comfort in knowing that Casey grew into a person so full of life, laughter and love. I cannot even begin to comprehend the loss of a child having two sons of my own. Thank you for such a nice tribute to a great young man. I know Grandpa was waiting for you with open arms to comfort you. Rest in Peace Casey you will be truly missed. Lisa…..

  3. Tracy
    Very well said and I couldn’t agree more. Family is the most important part of life. And we all should keep this in mind. Rick you always seem to have just the right comments and I enjoy reading them. Lisa I know your thoughts came from your heart.

  4. I’m sorry to hear about your second cousin Trace.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us.

    It makes us all stop and appreciate life and loved ones when something like this happens. Love you!

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