“Calling All Angels”

There has been a lot of turmoil in our world lately, but it’s still important to stop what you’re doing and take a break from your daily grind. Whether you call a friend, sip on a warm cup of herbal tea, take the dog for a walk or paint, it’s a great way to get inspired to keep going. I like to stop and listen to music, I call it my “Musical Interlude”. ( like stopping to smell the roses but with your ears!) Press pause for a moment and listen to the words of the song “Calling All Angels” by Train .

I think we all need to put a call into our ‘Angels’ to help those in need right now.

Don’t forget to tune into Global for the 44 th Annual Variety Show of Hearts Telethon starting @ 7 pm Jan 30th, it’s for a great cause with lots of great inspiration!

Now crank it and enjoy this Musical Interlude with me ~

I just found this description of this song, it’s just PERFECT, here it is:

‘That in the time of great confusion, loss, and disorientation, one does not call for redemption, but asks for a sign of inspiration, for the courage to not surrender to despair. It’s a tome about hope against the odds, acknowledging vulnerability, and accepting responsibility to remain focused and critical enough to win one’s own redemption in everyday life, in order to become a better human being’.


4 thoughts on ““Calling All Angels”

  1. The telethon has been advertised a lot recently and it looks like it’ll be a pretty good show.
    Years ago in my early twenties I volunteered on the show as one of the girls who put up the new donations totals on air. It was a blast being in the Queen Elizabeth theater and being part of the hustle and bustle. Back then anyone could get in free and watch whatever entertainment was being presented. You could literally hang out for hours and watch the taping. It was like being at a very exclusive private party as not many people were in the seats at 2 am! And listening to the children’s stories of hope and recovery up close was truly inspiring.
    I hope people aren’t tapped out and plan to give a little to the Variety Show of Hearts telethon because they do so much for the kids!

    • I too was lucky enough to be a part of the telethon back in ’87 when I did my MWC stuff, I was on the show as a volunteer host and got to say “Back to you Bob” to Bob McGrath from Sesame Street. It was a wonderful experience and the kids were all amazing! I sang next to Jim Byrnes and just hoped he couldn’t actually hear me!

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