‘Beyond Marriage’..an excerpt of a novel, part two.

Wildflowers The sun was brilliant.  Flowers were in full bloom.  There was a light floral breeze in the air.  As the guests arrived you could see in their eyes that each one was there to experience a once in a lifetime gift of seeing the truest form of love unite.

If anyone was to have hope of lasting a lifetime it was us.  There was not one face in the crowd who did not truly believe in the marriage they were about to witness.

As the moment drew near I felt as though I was having an out of body experience.  I was overwhelmed with emotion.  I felt faint.  The moment I had dreamed of as a young girl was about to happen.  I was about to look into my Fathers eyes as his little girl and walk down the isle holding onto his strong arm, moments away from becoming a wife.  He felt secure, safe and his love for me was felt deep inside my heart.  I took a deep breath, looked into my father’s eyes and he reassured me I would be just fine.  We took the first step together and walked out into the view of everyone.  It was truly exhilarating.

My eyes went straight through the crowd to meet his while my entire body balanced itself and relaxed.  The thought that went through my soul was that it was him, the one, my guy, my soul mate, it was he who was standing looking at me, waiting for me.  I felt it to be so right in every ounce of my being.  I was no longer quivering.  I felt as though he had passed onto me some of his inner strength through the joining of our hands.

After the ceremony everyone gathered close while he stood strong and read aloud a poem he wrote to me.  There was complete silence with not one dry eye in the crowd.  It was like Shakespeare or listening to an Opera and, though the verses were not understood by all, you knew exactly what he was saying.

‘The Poem’

Early evening window, faded red, hand painted wind.

A watery Eden.

Cloaked in bliss, I watched my angel dance.

Cool curtains in circular embrace, forever in your debt for this fresh miracle.

Opulent compelling sanctuary.

Sunlit sleep.

A single shadow watched until we stopped, the strong tones of a poets thoughts.

Lamenting sunlight.

We will follow in steps from a rising chorus, shall we make an eternal promise?

A poem or a prayer?

If I could only touch you again for the very first time.

For You,

My Eternal Love



3 thoughts on “‘Beyond Marriage’..an excerpt of a novel, part two.

  1. Well…….. be still my heart…….. this girl can write ! As I began to read this article I could feel the wedding bliss that Tracy was putting into words for me…… only someone who truly feels…… could put that moment into words.

    Unreal Tracy, Fabulous !

  2. Thank-you Rick, I write from my heart and hope it is seen as that. For those who read this and didn’t know what to say knowing my circumstances, let it be known that the man I married on that day is still the most incredible man in my eyes and is my Best Friend and always will be ! This novel I am writing is straight from the heart and shows that love can go far beyond marriage, I know that because I am living it!

  3. Wow! This one is going to make the silver screen, Tracy. You have such an amazing talent. You have me wanting more of this story.

    I agree with Rick 100%. People who allow themselves to feel so deeply inspire me. This is the way the human soul is meant to feel and express itself.

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