Giving is so simple!

This time of year seems to bring out the best in some people and the worst in others. The holidays are just around the corner and for some that equals stress.

Giving the basics to those in need doesn’t have to cost a great deal. It can simply be about giving time. I understand that we are all very busy in our own lives which doesn’t leave us much time to give away but any amount of giving is better than not giving at all. People spread themselves and their families so thin with their own schedule they barely have time to do anything for others. Like anything else you do in life, when it becomes part of your regular routine it simply fits in.

The holidays should not be about materialistic stuff that in no way makes us better human beings. Most of us clearly have way too much stuff. Our kids are living in a time where they don’t understand doing without. That’s where we are parents can help make them aware of those who do. There are human beings who are surviving on not much more than the cloths on their backs, invisible to society yet standing right before our eyes.

Last year my family gave Tim Hortons coffee cards to the homeless which provided them with a warm meal when they needed it. Our kids need to be shown how fortunate they are and that they need far less than what they have. It worries me that my kids generation thinks its normal to have an iPhone at 13. In most cases both parents work so it’s guilt that gives not values. No one waits for anything anymore, they’re the NOW generation. I want it now! Kids drive around in expensive SUV’s with their parents oblivious to who is barely surviving in their own community. It doesn’t even register to them that the homeless person they see every single day is lucky if they have two warm meals. It’s our responsibility to teach them how to help.

Collecting warm clothing and blankets to hand out to those living in your community is always appreciated at this time of year. Filling wool socks with basic items of need such as gloves, a toque, toiletries and candy is another way of helping out in your community to those less fortunate. There are a number of great organizations that you can get involved with or be creative and find your own way to help out. Giving feels good, I promise you what you get back in return in far greater than what you gave.

Life should consist of both give and take. Each of us should be accountable to ourselves on how often we do both. Sometimes it’s very apparent that there are those who give and those who take…which are you? Giving in order to get is doing for the wrong reason. Giving because you can is a good start.

When was the last time you reciprocated a kind gesture, helped out someone in need. It’s the simple gestures that really mean something to others. Just yesterday I looked out my window to see my neighbour lifting my basketball hoop back up and clearing my driveway of all the debris that blew onto it from the wind storm. Another male friend of mine offered to drive me into town to a meeting I needed to go to today because I had been feeling dizzy lately, on his day off! 🙂 Just two examples of thoughtfulness that I experienced in the last two days. The Act of Kindness goes a long way.

Find a way to involve your family in giving and see what a difference it makes! If you have a creative way to give, share it with us.

Giving is so simple!




5 thoughts on “Giving is so simple!

  1. So true. Not only that, giving feels soooo good. I’m in the US and right now it’s all about black friday, the day after Thanksgiving, so much so that I think Thanksgiving is almost an after thought.
    I’m imagining these families gathered together for a wonderful meal and afterwards instead of relaxing and visiting some of them are dashing out the door to stand in line at a store that has sales on at midnight. Crazy!!!
    I love a good sale but you will never find me shopping at 4am.
    I love your Tim Hortons card idea. xo

  2. I think in some cases Bonnie, human beings have lost sight of what basic holidays are about. Giving and receiving is more directed towards gifts not gestures.

    Some kids unfortunately don’t even know the meaning of these holidays besides it’s when you get a present of some sort. They start to think of what do “I” get, which turns into want and then need which leads to…well greed 🙁

    Everyone loves being on the receiving end of gifts, but we just seem to have lost the acknowledgment of the simple ones such as opening a door for someone or offering to help them with their groceries, shovelling their snow because you can, or even just a smile to show you care.

    The ones with thought and love which can be as simple as giving of time are what matter the most to me.

  3. I agree with you completely Tracy! There is no better feeling than to help those in need! Donate what you don’t need, women’s shelters are always in need! Basic for Babies has a huge campaign, and it’s not just gifts, its basics lkke food and clothing! I give my time as much as possible and make it a part of my life no matter how busy! This year I’ll be in New Zealand over the holidays, on my own and don’t know a soul there, so I will have time to help out in local soup kitchens or with some mission! Thats one part of my trip I am so looking forward to.

    Bring a smile to someones face no matter where you are, treat all with loving kindness.

    Great post at this time of year Tracy 🙂

  4. I think any gift given with love is a wonderful thing, for both the receiver and sender, whether it be a gift of time or a little something or other bought from a store. The problem is we’re all caught up in trying to impress. We want our kids to be sooooo happy so we spoil them, spending way more than we can comfortably afford. That teaches them to want more and the cycle begins. Once you start giving in to the expensive gadgets and toys it’s hard to go turn back.

    Like so many things, it’s all about finding a balance. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with giving your kids material things during the holidays as long as it’s all put into perspective. Spend some time helping out a charity. Have some fun shopping a little, staying within your comfort zone. Donate to the food banks and you’ll enjoy your own holiday meal so much more.

    And I agree totally that more emphasis has to be placed on what the holiday is actually celebrating and less on the exchange of gifts!

    I like any gift when I know it was given freely and without pressure (and without financial stress attached). And I sure could use some housekeeping coupons, kids! ; )

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