Apparently I lived in the ‘Olden Days’

On our way to school one morning my 8 year old daughter asked “back in the olden days did you have a mole-lot”. “Phftt, back in the olden days” I laughed! l almost went directly into the olden day rant, we’ve all heard it, “when I was a kid, I had to walk to school up hill both ways with no shoes in the snow” yadda yadda yadda, I didn’t, I showed restraint. She would have look at me like I was from the olden days because that is an ‘olden days’ thing to say as far as I’m concerned! lol

It made me laugh that she actually thought I lived back in the olden days, never mind the mole-lot! She then proceeded with her childish attitude “Well ya lived in the day of the mole-lot”. I snapped back, it’s actually called a Mullet, not Mole-lot. I laugh when she says certain words because she is still little and doesn’t know how to pronounce everything yet. Sometimes she puts the wrong empha-sis on the wrong sylla-ble! I hate correcting her but I guess now that she’s approaching 9 I should. Another funny example was when she read the hot chocolate box aloud ~”It’s gormet!” (Gourmet) like Jimmy Buffet not buffet. We all talked like rednecks for hours after that one! (perfect example if you read my postYou Know What about diving in at any opportunity to tease a member of the family)

I tried desperately to convince my daughter that I was actually in style wayyyy back in the ’80’s with my mullet, and that her kids would look back at her pictures and ask why she wore a pony tale with a hair band holding every single stand of hair back like she was going to wash her face? She laughed. I decided to do this post to prove to her how stylin the olden days were!

Join me now for a brief look back at ‘The Olden Days’ ~

Yes, that I believe is a ‘Mullet’!

This might actually have come back around, darn should have kept it!

Why doesn’t anyone get perms anymore? The human poodle!

Wayne Cox (Global News) at the Miss Summer Madness ’85, laugh if you must, I won $7,000.00 in prizes! (it made me who I am, it made me who I am… sigh)

And last but not least, the 80’s are not complete for me without MacGyver, Richard Dean Anderson! Now that’s an 80’s picture!

So maybe to Jordan I did live in the ‘Olden Days.’ But for me they were just the days in which I lived that helped me become who I am today. I wouldn’t change a thing! I can’t wait to hear my daughters conversation with her daughter or son about ‘in the day’ she lived! It’s so fun looking back at your past, connecting the dots. Bonnie, Jake, care to take a peak back yourself and share a little of what made you who you are today? I triple dog dare ya!


10 thoughts on “Apparently I lived in the ‘Olden Days’

  1. How on Earth am I to follow that?!!!

    That’s funny because my son was just looking at my wedding photo and cracked a joke about me having a mullet! I most certainly did not! I guess compared to the styles of today that’s what they see.

    When my eldest daughter was six I landed my first commercial since going back to work after pregnancies. It was on TV and so I called Emilie in to see it. She seemed rather unimpressed so I started to go on an on about how I used to be a really big deal and did tons of work and was on TV all the time and in catalogs (of course, I exaggerated to make a point and get a reaction)…and then, without even looking up, she deadpanned “and now you’re just a mom who does it part-time”. Leave it to kids to put us straight!

    Fun post after Bonnie’s yesterday on memories… : )

  2. Oh, do I remember those days….LOL

    I get that from my twins, “you are from the olden days”….but I sure didn’t have a mullet….

  3. What a hottie!
    I had a perm when I was in elementry school. I thought they were all the rage. I think that was in grade 5. The perm did come back and then it died again.

  4. Weird? I keep losing my comments. Arghh..

    Anyway, your kids are awesome! I am not sure I will show my kids my pics. lol Na, of course I will.

    Speaking of perms, I have a pic I might have the courage to share with you ladies. I somehow thought it was cool. Needless to say I have ‘tried’ a lot of things in my life. Some a little more embarrassing than others.

    I love those pics. The 80’s were good times. Is that you with Richard Dean Anderson? I loved that show. That and the A-Team. 🙂

    I love the Honeymoon Suite shirt. I’ve seen them live 3 times in local bars here in the Hammer. I had a pair of faded jeans I painted Honeymoon Suite on down the side. They were pretty cool. Once again, at least I thought so.

    Dare I say, that you did the 80’s well. 🙂 Love those pink sunglasses dangling from your neck. Ha, ha… I shouldn’t laugh though. You’ll see why. I’ll do a similar post when time permits. I am afraid.

    Get your laugh ready.

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