Who Are You?

Are you one to trust the intention of others right away or do you take it slow? I trust until someone disproves that trust. I might be let down now and then but important long term relationships are based on complete honesty, so I can’t imagine it any other way. If you have nothing to hide, there is no reason to lie.

We reflect who we are daily, but I think we need to assess and reassess who we are more often. Life continues to change and we change right along side of it as we enter into new situations. When we spend time talking to someone new, it also makes us more aware of who we are. Its like filling out a personality questionnaire.

It’s definitely easier when you know someone because of history from years of personal experience, but on the other hand its like unwrapping a gift when you meet someone you don’t know. Sense of security vs the unknown? Both have their perks, keep in mind, people change!

I had a ‘who are you’ conversation the other night and it reminded me how much fun it can be to go through this process. Spontaneity at its best, complete unpredictability. When you meet someone ‘different’ 🙂 (private joke) you become reacquainted with who you’ve become as well. You are representing the person, you believe to be. I think generally speaking our core values remain the same, we evolve and unfold over the years and hopefully become a better version of ourselves.

Every now and then, someone comes along that intrigues you and makes you ask “Who Are You?” and we naturally take that chance or risk of finding out, in turn they find out who we are. You have to enter with no expectations, it can go either way. In my conversation I was at a loss for words because I struggled with being too honest. (grin) At times I wanted to say exactly what was on my mind, but because I haven’t been in this situation for a while I opted to kept my inner voice duct taped shut. A few times a hmmm replaced my real thought, words even sat on the tip of my tongue but thankfully it was a phone conversation. There was no doubt in my mind that I was a high risk candidate for a persuasive smile!

When I thought about my conversation later I couldn’t get the grin off my face because I was in uncharted territory, not knowing. My only clue to who this person is, is what they do for a living, but having said that, does what we do have anything to do with who we are, or what we are capable of… not necessarily.

If you enter into uncharted territory with a carefree attitude of not expecting anything out of it in the end, just being in the moment, it’s incredibly stimulating. Is it timing or do we all unfold and evolve at times we need to, in order to fulfil our purpose?


5 thoughts on “Who Are You?

  1. I think to be able to look at yourself and to know that you need to or want to evolve is great. Not everyone knows that evolving exists. I have seen many who live their lives happy or unhappy in their existence. Life just is for them.
    So the….Who am I? Well we can all be different parts of us, as you mention above, how you don’t say something because it’s too soon for the other person to hear your full on self. To withhold comments or particular conversations until you know someone better is understandable, but you are still who you are, just modified. But what about if you have someone (a friend) who knows you very well, and doesn’t like some of what you do, which is who you are. Do you continue to do & be…or do you stop (because it’s not a big deal). Let’s say for example, I like to swear for emphasis, or am sarcastic, and the friend doesn’t like that….do I stop? Well let’s just say for those examples I did stop…and then realized…wait a minute…that is who I am. I like to swear like a trucker sometimes, and sarcasm is my form of humour. Knowing who you are is a great thing…and sometimes we need to evaluate not only ourselves, but those in our lives. We should never stop being ourselves for someone else. Inviting people into our lives, or to stay, should be because…you are who you are, and they are who they are. No one needs to like everything about me, but when miscommunication happens because of who I am or who they are…we need to evaluate…don’t you think?

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