What is Love?

What is Love? There are various kinds of love; Passionate love, Lustful love, Brotherly love, Mother’s love, Compassionate love, Unconditional love, the list goes on.

When I go out walking I see the same elderly man pushing his wife in her wheel chair around the neighborhood, they have love that I am certain many of us have yet to feel. I stop and talk to them each time we cross paths about the weather, flowers and my old dog Zack who greets them like an old friend each time. They have an energy about them that attracts my heart. I can’t resist being in their presence for what I think they have experienced. They look to me like they never gave up. They have stood by one another through life’s trials and tribulations and came out on top in the end, standing next to one another. They are dressed perfectly and seem content to just be with one another. I am curious about their story and I just might ask next time I see them so in my mind I know a little more about love.

I think every woman wants a love story of her own. We are drawn to love stories because they allow us to feel the magic of love, we are happy to indulge our emotions, even if just for a brief moment. Love for me begins when one human being develops special meaning to another. Plain and simple. You wake up and they are on your mind, throughout your entire day your thoughts are with them, and they become your last thought before you drift off to sleep.

Lustful love is something everyone should experience once in their lives. You lose your inhibitions when you get caught up in lustful love, but unfortunately it usually ends in sorrow.

Romantic love starts when you take down the walls and open your heart to someone and trust them with your deepest desires. You become sexually possessive and only want them to be intimate with you and only you. And so it begins, the next step towards true love… romantic love.

I am a romantic and for me love is like having a breath of air. It’s vital to my existence. Love happens when we least expect it and can change our lives forever. I have learned a lot about love in my 40 odd years of life and I think only now, have I really started to understand it’s greatness. Without love our world would be a very different place.

Motherly love is the scariest love for me, it’s having a piece of your heart walking around outside of your body. Vulnerability to the 100th degree!

Passionate love is a personal favourite, uncontrollable, spontaneous, unexpected, raw and free from any kind of structure. 🙂 It gives me goose bumps just thinking about it!

Unconditional love is the most rewarding, giving, selfless love one can experience. It has no boundaries and is the truest, purest form of love you can ever have the pleasure of feeling.

Loves changes everything. Embrace any love you have in your life!


11 thoughts on “What is Love?

  1. WOW ! How did you get so smart has been taken already by “Me ” But, I needed to say it again because that’s what I was thinking while reading this fantastic post !
    Tracy, loving, well expressed, emotional content in this post …. filled with passion, excitement and most of all truth.

    What A Great Read ! Well Put ! Well Written !

  2. Beautiful.

    You will know that ‘old’ love at the end of your days Tracy. For the way it (they) inspires and moves you, your heart will stop at nothing to live you’re dying days knowing what it is to feel that particular love. How it fills your heart with a contentment and a completeness that just being together brings.

    Seeing an old couple sitting quietly on a park bench holding hands and enjoying the summer breeze on their peacefull face, is one of the most beautiful scenes this earth knows. I also love how animals are attracted with such a gentle calm, to such couples. A slow wag, a smile, and sheer hapiness to feel their energy stroking their fur. Perhaps your old boy, Zack, is doing his part to lead you into this hapiness as he is never happier, than seeing the happiness in your heart, as you greet this couple.

    Love how you used red for every instance of the word ‘love’ above. Works very well.

    • Thank you for that Lawrence, you made my eyes well up! I certainly hope so, my life would then be complete and my heart would be full. Being a hopeless romantic without romantic love is simply missing a part of life that brings me closer to who I am. Your words are always an inspiration to me.xo

  3. Tracy, love will come to you just don’t look too hard. You have so much love in your heart that there will be a golden man at the end of the rainbow. xo

    • Me, you are so right. I predict nothin’ but happiness and lots o’ lovin’ for my friend.

      Everything good takes time. Or sometimes it just pops up out of nowhere.

      I believe there’s only one kind of love but it’s expressed differently to different people and at different stages in our lives. It’s forever flowing and changing and growing. Never static. You’ve gotta go with the flow.

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