Travel Through Life with No Baggage!

When someone tells you they have baggage maybe  it’s just their perception of what baggage is?  Baggage is what you make it!  If you have too much baggage then perhaps your traveling through life a tad bit on the heavy side.  You need to lighten your load.

Lets start by defining bag-gage.



1. trunk, suitcases, ect., used in traveling;  luggage. (I am not talking about this kind of baggage)

2. things that encumber ones freedom, progress, development or adaptability; impediments: intellectual baggage that keeps one from thinking clearly; neurotic conflicts that arise from struggling from too much emotional baggage.

Regardless of what kind of baggage you hold onto whether it be intellectual or material it is always a good idea to purge or ‘let go’ of it every so often to feel like you are traveling free on your path in life.  It’s like the difference between traveling with carry on bags or a entourage of suitcases.  It’s your choice.

I had a visit with an incredible woman whom I don’t get to see as often as I would like, Jan.  Within about 15 minutes of our visit she told me how she had recently dealt with the loss of possessions in a house fire.  Her positive lookout was so inspiring to me that I will be planning a sleepover so we can continue our conversation.  She told me she was surprised that when she lost her material ‘luggage’ or ‘possesions’ she felt like she had a huge weight lifted off her shoulders.  She was able to disconnect with the material aspect of owning ‘things’.  She had a fresh outlook on life.  By releasing the connection with ‘stuff’ she also was able to clear her slate of any other baggage she had been carrying around for years.  All I could think was wow what a great attitude and way to look at loss.

It is the memories that live within us that are so important, so we should be able to let go of the material stuff easily.  But this is not easy for some.  Quite difficult actually.  Some peoples lives are defined by their stuff.  Others travel through life seaching for moments, weightless which is exactly where I want to be.  Searching for moments to make memories.  That’s the kind of stuff I don’t want to live without.

"Exploring the never-ending desires that fuel all life, while finding lyrical beauty in everyday happenings."


  • Rick

    This Is Too Cool ! What a great attitude this person has ! Thanks Tracy !
    I’m with you here for sure. I’ve been focused alot lately on realizing that today….. from the moment we open our eye’s in the morning, till we go to sleep at night ( God Willing ) we are making our memories ( Today ). What we choose to do ( Today ) will be our memories of ( tomorrow ).
    What can we do today! to create a great memory.

  • Bonnie Johnson

    Great post Tracy! You are right about the memories that live within us that are the most important.
    My only fear is that I will forget too many special memories and so I have this attachment to old photographs as a reminder to them. I need to start practicing the technique for exercising my “memory muscle” that Scott just taught me.
    Isn’t is great to be able to learn from wise people like Jan without actually having to go through the experience she did. 🙂

  • jacquie

    Very interesting concepts tackled here. I’m all about making memories starting from day ‘now’, too. Stuff just isn’t that important to me, although, if I have to have a couch to sit on or a shirt on my back, it’s gonna be one I like living with. But these are all things that are replaceable.
    The emotional baggage that has accumulated throughout my life is a little harder to dispose of but I’m working on it. It’s usually connected to people and not things so that’s difficult.
    Something else to think about, for sure.

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