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Born on Valentine’s Day it only seems natural that I am attracted to love. Although my idea of love has changed over the years I still believe in true love. I grew up believing that love lasts forever. I still believe true love does. There are three brain systems of love according to Helen Fisher , PhD Biological Anthropologist, lustful love, romantic love and deep attachment love. Love starts out passionately and lustfully, then moving into romantic love, and when you start to feel like you can’t live without someone you have moved hopelessly into ‘deep attachment love’.

When I think about true love I can’t help but have thoughts of my parents, Bob and Jane, who have loved one another since childhood. Their love is not like the love of my generation. Their love is old school. It will undoubtably go the distance. Today is their 51st Wedding Anniversary! They joke about celebrating each year with a moment of silence but I know they truly love one another. They met when they were 12 years old and since then their love has grown far beyond any love I know. They fit into”The Notebook” kind of love for me. I find comfort knowing that my parents have been able to love one another for so many years, unconditionally.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad, I wish you both many more to come.

The video I have attached is all about ‘The Brain in Love’ with Helen Fisher, it’s longish but really interesting to anyone interested in love. Svaha~ ,


7 thoughts on “Svaha Spirit Series ~ True Love

  1. 51 years! Thats an long time. Thats a love story for sure. My idea over the last 2 years has changed about love as well and Im only ..almost 20…

    My Dads birthday is Valentines day as well.

  2. Helen Fisher theory was very interesting. I believe everyone finds their true love eventually, some take longer than others. My understanding of true love is being able to accept their faults and your own and always be willing to compromise. Communication is a must, always say your sorry when your wrong. And after all these years before we go to sleep tell each other they are loved.

  3. Love this. Love the mom advise above as well. 51 years! Wow. I was thinking ‘The Notebook’ before I read that next sentance of yours. 🙂 I’ll have to check out the vid later on.

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