Mommy’s Little Boy ~

Every time I tune into the Olympics and watch the athletes compete, not just the Canadian ones, any of them, I feel so proud and get teary eyed because I can’t help but look at them as a Mother. Overnight my son has grown up, I am literally starting to freak out just thinking about it! I find myself starring at him for long periods of time dumbfounded. Yes, it’s a part of life but I am having a real hard time with it right now. He’s on the way to becoming a young man.

Jess and I have always been really close, he tells me almost everything, I hope that never changes. There is something unique and special about your first born. Mine was a 10 lb 3 oz baby sumo served C-section style with big brown eyes and Sean Connery eye brows! He’s polite, respectful and has a spontaneous infectious nature! Jess is not just a handsome face, he made the ‘A’ honour roll at school this year, and he’s a natural athlete and has a great sense of humour. I often ask myself how I got to be so lucky for him to pick me to be his Mom! Good Karma?

I have noticed lately that his voice is starting to get deeper and has grown so fast in the last couple of months it’s like I can see him morphing right before my eyes. Maybe it’s got something to do with getting his long curly locks cut really short which instantly added about 2 years. Regardless, time is slipping away and I can’t seem to grab onto it to slow it down, believe me I’m trying!

He was sitting on my knee the other night and it almost, I stress almost, felt silly but I will continue to do it until he refuses regardless of how much it hurts my knee’s and lap! I’m hanging on for dear life here. My second cousin Casey recently lost his life at 28, a solid reminder to parents to stare, listen and stop what you are doing even for just a moment to grab as much love from your kids as they will give.

Life is so precious and kids are the visual measuring stick of how fleeting our time with them really is. I appreciate every single smile, hug and kiss I can get. Jess can melt my heart with a simple look back at me when he is walking away. I know there are so many parents out there that can totally relate.

Bonnie and Jacquie have helped make me aware of how fast our kids grow up with having older offspring, which I am grateful for. I am not sure there is any preparation for your little boy growing up though, I guess honesty is the best way to explain my strange behavior to him.

Little boys wake up one day and they have an adult sense of humor, leg hair and start to eat you out of house and home. It’s crazy when you get to the stage of looking at your little boy and you can see exactly what he is going to look like as a young man! I have been prepped for years for this with James, Bonnie’s son but it’s still hard.

No regrets here, but I would like to stop time every now and then to just breathe and take in the moment a little longer!  ~Love You Forever Jess~

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  • jacquie

    Wonderful mother/son tribute. Cheers to all the mothers out there who have had the honour of raising a boy. And to all the aunts, girlfriends and babysitters who have helped along the way!

    There’s an expression “Give me a boy ’til he’s 7 and I’ll show you a man”. It means that the character of a man is formed and obvious in the first 7 years of his life. Jesse has always been a lot of fun to be around and he’s respectful and intuitive. You can tell he’s had some pretty solid nurturing from both his parents.
    Ya done good, girl!

  • Bonnie Johnson

    Awwwww. That just had me all choked up and misty eyed.

    You are doing it right by enjoying the little moments. That’s the only way to slow down time or at least feel like you are.

    Just know that every stage has it’s own special moments and although they do grow up and leave us one day they are always our little boys inside. xoxo

  • Tracy Westerholm

    I dreamt last night that I was snuggling a newborn baby, (not mine) the Dad wanted it back and I kept trying to change the subject and distract him so I didn’t have to give it back! It was wonderful to feel that little human being all warm and cozy in my arms…yikes ! Then I woke up to little Jojo toes touching mine under the warm covers and I liked that better ! tee hee xo

  • alison farough

    You know how great it feels to know someone else is dealing with the same issues…it makes me feel normal. My son Jackson will always be my baby and still loves to cuddle but he has changed so fast and becoming more independant it’s so hard to let go.
    When he looks back at me my heart melts too.
    Thanks for sharing that.

  • Janet

    I’m right there with you, my son is 12 1/2, and reading your story, I can relate, and got teary eyed…I was told by many that once he hit a certain age he wouldn’t hug me in public anymore. I am proud that he still gives me a hug and a kiss good-bye each day – I treasure them 🙂

  • Rick

    Tracy !
    I have a 9 yr. old son , a 15 yr. old son , a 19 yr. old daughter , and a 22 yr. old son.
    I’m an tattooed ex. tough guy type …. who is sitting here with tears flowing down my face …. Boy Oh Boy ! Can I relate to this article !

    You can say it like no one else can…. still crying ! Thanks Trac ! Your good !

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